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Ramsey brings campaign to county

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kissing babies has become a "tradition" for politicians on both sides of the field. Ron Ramsey kisses Isabella Craig as she's being held in the arms of her mother, Lana Craig.
(T-G Photo by Jaime Welsh)
With Tennessee's gubernatorial primary now less than two weeks away, Bedford County got a visit from GOP candidate Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey.

Ramsey made several stops Friday afternoon, visiting local law enforcement agencies and meeting the public.

His first stop was at the Shelbyville Police Department, followed by visits to the Bedford County Sheriff's Department. Parkway Restaurant, and Bell Buckle Cafe.

Ramsey took a minute away from meeting law enforcement to talk to the T-G about how he feels his campaign for governor is progressing.

He said he's the only candidate "that's ready for this job on day one," adding that his Republican opponents Bill Haslam and Zach Wamp, "are good fellows" that he has gotten to know very well."

However, Ramsey stated that his experience as lieutenant governor qualifies him for the job, pointing out his small business experience as a realtor.

"I think it's important for someone to have private sector experience as well as public sector," Ramsey said.

He said citizens are very concerned about the economy and creating jobs in general "and it's up to the government to set the atmosphere where growth can prosper."

Ramsey said the "magic bullet" to create prosperity is for government "to just stay out of the way and the private sector to create the jobs."

Immigration issues

On Friday, Ramsey also got involved in a national debate after he asked Attorney General Bob Cooper to file a brief to support Arizona in defending itself from a federal lawsuit seeking to stop Arizona's new immigration law.

The law allows police to check the immigration status of any suspect who they think may be in the country illegally. Ramsey stated in a letter to Cooper that the outcome of the federal case will impact Tennessee's safety and economy.

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, left, displays his famous boot for Shelbyville police detective Brian Crews during the GOP gubernatorial candidate's visit to Shelbyville Friday. Crews said that he had promised his wife if he met Ramsey that he would get a picture of his boot, which has been prominent in a series of campaign ads.
(T-G Photo by Brian Mosely)
Ramsey told the T-G that Arizona was doing the right thing with the new law "since the federal government would not enforce immigration laws" in that state.

"The federal law was made state law and they're just enforcing it themselves," adding that nine other states have also filed briefs in support of the law.

Ramsey said he did not know if Cooper would sign the brief, but said "it's important that we back up Arizona in this case."

"The bottom line is we want people to come here, all of us are immigrants in this country," Ramsey said. "But they need to do it legally, people don't like when you jump to the front of the line."

Ramsey also explained that in Arizona's case, this isn't about "moms and pops looking for a job" anymore.

"We're talking about a criminal element that comes across the line, killing police officers, killing ranchers ...and running drugs into the United States, and for goodness sakes, we need the federal government to shut down the border and keep people like that out of the country," he said.

Now that the primary is moving into the home stretch, Ramsey said he's going to be going "full blast" until Aug. 5, noting that he has been campaigning now for 18 months.

"I hope I'm peaking at the right time," noting that he's running against a man with all the money you'd ever want, referring to his opponent Haslam, "and that other fellow from Washington D.C.," Rep. Wamp, who he said picked the wrong year to come home from the nation's capital to help.

"I'm battling a machine gun with a derringer, so I only have two shots ...and that why I'm making sure we finish with a flurry."

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