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'Pretty decent' turnout for early voting

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A total of 2,316 citizens participated in the early voting period for Thursday's primary and general elections, according to deputy administrator of elections Andrew Robertson.

That total include 1,675 who voted in the Republican primary and 640 who voted in the Democratic primary.

Robertson characterized the totals as "pretty decent" for an August primary, since August elections typically have lackluster turnout.

Statewide, Tennessee has broken an early voting record with more than 543,000 people casting ballots before the Aug. 5 primary.

With all 95 counties reporting, Secretary of State Tre Hargett said Monday that the number exceeds the 447,910 who voted early for the August 2006 elections, the last contested statewide Republican primary.

Hargett attributed the high turnout to three open congressional seats and a highly contested gubernatorial primary, which features three major Republican candidates and one Democratic candidate.

Says Hargett: "People are very interested in the future of our state and the future of our country."

The early voting period was from July 16-31. Polls will be open from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. Thursday at the normal precinct locations.

There will be a general election for county offices and for the Town of Bell Buckle, as well as a party primary for state and federal offices.

A voter will need to tell the poll worker whether they want to vote in the Democratic or the Republican primary (or neither), which is the reason for the "Democrat" and "Republican" check-boxes on the voter sign-in form.

Tennessee does not register voters by party, and a person may vote in whichever primary they choose during a given election -- but not in both party primaries for the same election.

Write-in candidates are running in three of the county commission races. To cast a ballot for those choices, voters must push the button labeled as "write-in" and then use the buttons as directed to type out the candidate's name.

Although the "write-in" button is always offered, and there are usually some write-in votes cast in any election, in practice Tennessee only counts write-in votes for candidates who have asked, in advance, for those votes to be counted.

Leverette has said that the write-in candidates would probably delay results on election night but it really depends on how many of those votes are cast. Election workers will have to go through the list of write-in votes and manually count the names of the official write-in candidates, allowing for minor misspellings and variations in how names are entered.

Here are the elections and the candidates, with (I) indicating an incumbent:


County Mayor

Eugene Ray (I), Democratic nominee


Randall Boyce (I), Democratic nominee

Circuit Court Clerk

Thomas A. Smith (I), Democratic nominee


Tonya Davis, Democratic nominee

County Clerk

Kathy Prater (I), Democratic nominee

Register of Deeds

Johnny Reed (I), Democratic nominee

County Commission

(Two seats per district)

District 1

Bobby Fox (I)

Phillip Vincent (I)

Robert W. Warren

District 2

Robert "Bob" Davis

Bill Sloan

Tony R. Smith (I)

Bobby Vannatta (I)

District 3

Janice L. Brothers (I)

Jimmy S. Patterson (I)

(Georgina Vaughn-Lanier, write-in candidate)

District 4

Billy King Jr. (I)

Jimmy Woodson (I)

Rodney Guinn, Republican nominee

(Anita Epperson, write-in candidate)

District 5

J.D. "Bo" Wilson (I)

Linda Bomar Yockey (I)

District 6

Joe W. Tillett (I)

Jeff Yoes (I)

District 7

Tony Barrett (I)

Denise Graham

(Lizzie M. Peoples, write-in candidate)

District 8

John E. Brown (I)

Ed Castleman (I)

District 9

P.T. "Biff" Farrar (I)

Mark Thomas (I)

Road Board

District 6

No qualified candidates

District 7

Michael Sudberry

District 8

No qualified candidates

District 9

Charles Ronnie Sudberry

School Board

District 2

Ron Adcock (I)

District 3

Rick Gann

Amy Martin (I)

District 4

Sandra Guinn

Diane Neeley (I)

District 6

Andrea Anderson

District 7

Chad D. Graham (I)

Gary Wayne Haile



Dennis Webb (I)


James G. Anderson (I)

Jenny Hunt (I)



Zach Wamp

Bill Haslam

Joe Kirkpatrick

Basil Marceaux Sr.

Ron Ramsey

U.S. House

(Sixth District)

Diane Black

Dave Evans

Gary Dewitt Mann

Bruce McLellan

Kerry E. Roberts

Jim Tracy

Lou Ann Zelenik

Tennessee House

(62nd District)

Joseph C. Byrd

Pat Marsh (I)

Executive Committee


Arthur E. LeGare

Lance Frizzell

Executive Committee (Woman)

Barbara Blanton



Mike McWherter

U.S. House

(Sixth District)

Henry Clay Barry

Devora Butler

Brett Carter

George T. Erdel

Ben Leming

Tennessee House

(62nd District)

Jenny Hunt

Michael Winton

Executive Committee


Mark Farrar

Justin St. Clair

Cory W. Brunson

Executive Committee (Woman)

Kristen M. Cullen

--Associated Press reports contributed to this story.

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