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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 29

Sunday, August 29, 2010

City officials use 'sleight of words'

To the Editor:

I am continually amazed at the "sleight of words" that our City Manager and City Council persons use. Do they think we are stupid?

The federally mandated trash collection fee has turned into a state mandated fee, which then became a non-mandated fee, and then turned into a tax.

I think in the beginning it was always a tax, and the City Manager made a feeble and false attempt to disguise it under another name.

Our property taxes pay for services we receive. Included in those services is trash pick-up. Where is our tax money that has already been collected for this service?

Ultimately, and underneath all of those words lies the problem. Our city leaders either passed an unbalanced budget, or the city is missing large chunks of money.

Wouldn't it be a mess if everyone in Shelbyville decided to spend more than we make and expect our neighbors to pay for it?

It seems apparent that our city leaders are unable to make effective decisions, unable to correctly balance a budget, and falsify statements made to the community.

Who is in charge? We, the people of Shelbyville, Tennessee, are. Wake up, everyone. We have to become more alert, more aware and more involved. We have to, because no one else is.

Council elections are in November.

Vicky Carder


Thanks for help seeking lost dog

To the Editor:

Recently my sister and niece were visiting from New York and her little dog, Lucy, ran away. We looked for her most of the night on Friday. We had neighbors in our sub-division out barefoot for over an hour helping us try to find her. There have been several people in our sub-division that have jumped in to seach for her on thier own.

We contacted the Times-Gazette via email with a request to get her picture in the Sunday paper. They called quickly and were happy to help! April at The Express was also very helpful in blowing up the picture we had of Lucy to get a poster on the corner. The police department took our information and then they called animal control to check on her. Theh police department also called us back a few days later to check on her. A friend, Lena, saw a post on Facebook and began searching Craigslist for a lead.

Missy spotted Lucy but could not catch her so she called us. She showed us where she last saw her, drove us around her field for an hour, put food out for Lucy and called to check on her too. The publisher of the Times-Gazette called to check on Lucy too! As of right now we still haven't found Lucy, but we are still not giving up! I say all of this to say that we truly have a community of very caring people. We have been completely blown away by the concern and support we have received up to this point to help us find our missing dog, and we are truly thankful for it! God bless each and every one of you.

Amy Shoemaker


New city manager starts on wrong foot

To the Editor:

I don't personally know the new city manager. But I know he has started out on the wrong foot.

He pushed the trash tax, saying first that if the city didn't enact it, the state would force it. Wrong!

Then, he said the feds had a law requiring it. Wrong again!

Then, finally, he and the city treasurer said it was an accounting requirement. Wrong again.

It is nothing but a tax, pure and simple.

I know all of the city council persons. They're good people. I'm sure the four who voted for the tax would not have done so had they been given the truth.

So, Mr. New City Manager, welcome to Shelbyville. But how about trying to be more honest with the council? We just don't need this tax. And, like all taxes, it'll never go away, but will keep increasing.

As to the city budget, there is a simple solution: cut spending.

W. Nowlin Taylor


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