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Presidential hopeful's goal: Visit every county in U.S.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colorado home-builder John Davis, holding the wrench which he uses as a symbol of his presidential campaign slogan, is attempting to visit every county in America, and to visit counties in three key primary or caucus states twice.
(T-G Photo by John I. Carney) [Order this photo]
Colorado home-builder John Davis brought his GOP presidential campaign to Shelbyville on Wednesday with a stop at the Shelbyville & Bedford County Chamber of Commerce.

Davis, traveling in a brightly-painted tour bus, is attempting to visit all 3,200 counties in the U.S. as part of his campaign, and to visit the counties in three key primary and caucus states twice.

"I like to talk," said Davis, "but I'm not a speech-giver."

Davis, who's never held political office, bought his first lot while a junior in high school and has owned his own business for 30 years. He said he's often asked why he would suddenly run for the highest office in the land.

"God spoke to my heart a year ago," said Davis, who said he considers himself patriotic and that the 40-foot by 70-foot U.S. flag flying outside his business in Grand Junction, Colo., is a well-known community landmark. The symbol of Davis' campaign is a red, white and blue wrench, tying in with his campaign slogan, "Let's fix America."

Davis said his top priority is the U.S. economy.

"The government doesn't create jobs," said Davis. "Free enterprise does." He said he favors changes to the tax code to improve the atmosphere for business in the U.S. and encourage employers to keep more jobs on U.S. soil.

He praised Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for his stance on balancing that state's budget.

"Hey, I'm all for him," said Davis. "My hat's off to him."

Davis said that if the U.S. is not able to balance its own budget, it would risk falling under control of a one-world government.

He said he's sometimes asked which federal programs he would be willing to cut in order to balance the budget. "All of them," he said, although later in his presentation he said he favors increased military spending and veterans' benefits.

John Davis, along with family and campaign members, walks to his tour bus after a stop at the Shelbyville & Bedford County Chamber of Commerce.
(T-G Photo by John I. Carney)
Davis took questions from the crowd. He was asked about illegal immigration and said he believes better border control would help stop not only immigration but drugs.

"There's more than illegal aliens coming across that border," he said. He favors a fence across the entire border, saying having fences in some places but not others made no sense.

"I really think there needs to be a physical border down there to the south," he said, with active monitoring and staffing. He said the key to solving the problem is having someone in the White House who makes the issue a priority. He said he supports the pro-active, but controversial, policies enacted by Arizona to crack down on illegal immigration.

In his home town in Colorado, said Davis, many illegal aliens pick fruit. He said he would sometimes hire persons whose paperwork seemed to be in order but then have to fire them when the identification numbers didn't check out.

"They don't want to be citizens," he said. "They want to be legal workers." He said he favors a program for allowing those who want to come to America legally to obtain work visas.

Asked about war in the Middle East, he said he doesn't understand why American troops were sent to Iraq to begin with. He acknowledged that in some cases, the president and Congress have "the keys to the information box," but said U.S. troops may need to be brought home, perhaps using some of them for border control.

Davis mentions term limits on his literature, and confirmed to one questioner that he favors them, but he said it's more important to change the minds of the voters. He expressed shock that U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, recently sanctioned by the House Ethics Committee, has been re-elected numerous times by New York voters.

Davis visited Columbia and Lewisburg before arriving in Shelbyville.

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