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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 27

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Legislators need to focus on jobs

To The Editor:

Please tell me I'm missing something! I've read two large articles featuring our elected state officials' agendas. I didn't see anything about helping our number ONE concern in November JOBS.

It's been four months gentlemen since the election. You may be in good shape but I still have neighbors unemployed. I made people a promise when I ran for office if I didn't win at least I would try and convince you to do a better job.

To quote an old saying "We are holding your feet to the fire." I promise you things are desperate for a lot of families. Its time to quit talking about handguns and wine. It's time to go to work and bolster this job market and economy.

I challenge you to not go to print with another issue until you have jobs and the potential of jobs to report.

Mike Winton


Action needed to pass immigration bills

To the Editor:

Immigration policy affects your life and will shape the quality of life in your future.

Several good immigration-enforcement bills have been filed in the current session of the Tennessee Legislature, to target illegal immigration. To get the bills passed, grass-roots action is needed immediately.

Three of the bills look especially good toward the objective of demagnetizing Tennessee to illegal immigration. As an immigration-control advocate, I ask that Tennesseans immediately contact their state representative and state senator and tell them to co-sponsor and pass these bills.

Tennessee bills are filed as a pair, one in the state House and an identical one in the state Senate.

Fiscal notes placed on bills affect chances of passage. The notes concern the costs of implementing a bill if it became law. Fiscal notes will not factor in the costs of illegal immigration and how much the state/we could save by demagnetizing to illegal immigration.

The bills:

* HB1378 (sponsor, state Rep. Joe Carr) -- SB1669 (sponsor, state Sen. Jim Tracy) -- the Tennessee Lawful Employment Act, to require that all employers use the federal E-Verify system in hiring:


* HB1379 (sponsor, Rep. Joe Carr) -- SB1325 (sponsor, Sen. Jack Johnson) -- the Eligibility Verification for Entitlements Act, to require use of the SAVE system to verify eligibility (including lawful status, as applicable) for public benefits and services:


* HB1380 (sponsor, Rep. Joe Carr) -- SB0780 (sponsor, Sen. Bill Ketron) -- the Lawful Immigration Enforcement Act, pertaining to law enforcement officers and immigration-law enforcement:


The Heritage Foundation discovered that households headed by low-educated foreign workers, legal and illegal, typically receive three dollars in government benefits and services for each dollar of taxes they pay -- with most of the net cost borne by state and local governments. Given our current budget problems, taxpayers should not have to underwrite public services for illegal aliens.

A recent study by Northeastern University found that illegal aliens are gaining U.S. jobs while Americans are losing them. Many of these jobs are in construction.

As the states around us demagnetize by passing mandatory E-Verify and other laws, illegal aliens are leaving those states for jobs and easier passage in Tennessee. We must act as well.

Find contact information for your state representative and state senator on the Tennessee General Assembly's Web site:

capitol.tn.gov/ or by calling the General Assembly's main number: 1-800-449-8366.

Please include all the bill numbers above, with the HB and SB prefixes, when you contact them.

Thank you.

Donna Locke


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