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Hair worth its weight in gold

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Justin Bieber got a haircut.

If you happen to be one of those who are not familiar with this name, Justin is a 16-year-old Canadian pop sensation made famous on YouTube. He has made many tween girls swoon over his mop of brown hair and "cutie-pie" smile.

That hair of Justin's was more famous than his voice.

Well, recently tabloids and celebrity magazines announced the news that was heartbreaking to many of Justin's fans. He got his hair cut.

He appeared on the Ellen show the other day and brought her a little clear plastic box with some of his hair in it. He gave her permission to sell it on the internet and use the proceeds for her favorite charity.

Justin signed the box and Ellen said she would sell it on her web site.

He told the audience that he had boxed up the rest of the shorn locks and presented them to some of his other friends to sell for charity.

About a year ago, I got my long white locks cut, but I never thought about selling that hair for charity. I missed my chance to help so many. Oh well!

I loved my hair that had grown from brown to white over the years, and I had worn the same hairstyle since college. No part, just swept straight back and allowed to fall to either side. Some people said my hair reminded them of Kenny Rogers, some said it reminded them of Wolfman Jack. But, it reminded me of Doug, just plain old Doug.

I have been on a weight loss journey for the last several years and my wife suggested I get a haircut, trim my beard, and go for a new look. So I took her advice and paid a visit to Rodney Yoes.

Rodney has been my trusted master barber for a good while now, so I told him I needed something new. I went from a flowing mane of white to a flat top. And all that white hair was left on the barber shop floor to mingle with everyone else's blonde, brown, grey and black contributions.

Looking back, and thinking of Justin's example, I wish I would have had Rodney sweep up my hair, and I could have given it away to help some of my friends with their favorite charities.

I could have given some to Kay Adcock and Mary Ann Davis and they could have sold it for Habitat for Humanity.

I could have given some to Kenny and Mary Cook and they could have sold it to go towards their annual mission trip to the children's home in Jackrabbit, Arizona.

I could have given some to Gene Williams and he could have sold it and used the proceeds for the Bedford County History Museum.

I could have given some to Brenda Goodrich and she could have used the proceeds to help out at Animal Control.

There are so many good causes that my hair could have benefited.

But there might not have been quite the interest in the hair of a 57-year-old preacher from Shelbyville, compared to that of a world-wide teen sensation pop star.

Even though it was a year after the fact, at least I thought about giving my hair to a good cause. But, Justin had the idea first.

Another one of my friends, Rick Morris, is thinking about cutting his hair and giving it to an organization like Locks of Love to help make wigs for people suffering with cancer. He has this long hair that flows down his back like "a cascading waterfall." I'm sure that if the casting directors of the Broadway musical "Rapunzel" saw Rick's hair, they would love to cast him for the title role. But, he wants to give his hair to charity.

Rick has the right idea, and so does Justin.

We can all help others with something as simple as our "locks of love" or our "acts of love."

-- Doug Dezotell is pastor of Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church, a former staff writer for the Times-Gazette, a husband, father and grandfather, and a friend to many. Doug may be reached at dougmdezotell@yahoo.com.

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Doug Dezotell is pastor of Cannon United Methodist Church and a former staff writer for the Times-Gazette.