Reactions to bin Laden death

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Praise God. He (bin Laden) is our enemy .... Any time you deal with a bully, the sooner you get rid of him, the better."

-- John Keith Jackson

"I was just surprised; it took me by surprise .... I think we'll be safer in the long run," although there may be a short-term threat from bin Laden's subordinates.

-- Lisa Brown, Lewisburg

"God bless America. I'm glad he's gone. I'm fearful [of] ... his influence; we've still got to be careful."

-- Sylvia Pinson

"Been 10 years almost. How do they know its him for sure? Relieved that they caught him, but I'm worried about a counter-attack."

-- William Martin


-- Sandy Trentham

"My son was in the Navy. I'm so proud of our soldiers. I do think we're going to have to be on guard for awhile, because they will retailiate. But I'm just proud that we were able to go in there and take care of business."

-- Charlotte Pickens

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