Drug suspect threw 'roaches' from home

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Shelbyville man faces drug charges after his arrest Wednesday at a Railroad Avenue home.

Paul Douglas Smith, 41, was seen throwing smoked marijuana "roaches" out of a residence, a witness told police.

Officers said they saw a bag of marijuana and a roach clip through a window, then found another bag of marijuana and a package of rolling papers in a bedroom along with five Lortabs.

Smith admitted possession of the drugs, police said, and was charged with possession of schedule III and VI drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. He posted $3,000 bond at Bedford County Jail.

Unexpected guest

A Walmart customer told police she returned to her car to find a man she didn't know sitting in the passenger seat early Wednesday afternoon.

The man took a pack of chewing gum and a flashlight she said were hers out of her pocket before getting into another car and being driven away. He had taken a pink Vera Bradley wallet containing $10, the victim said.

The suspect was described as 20 to 25 years ago, standing 5-feet-5 and weighing 120-130 pounds with scruffy facial hair and wearing an oversized t-shirt and baggy jeans.

Metal thefts

A central heat and air unit was stolen from a Holland Street building overnight Tuesday, police said. Also, scrap metal from old air conditioning units was stolen from behind McKamey Heating & Cooling, West Cedar Street, while workers left for lunch Wednesday, according to a report.

Jail intake

The following were arrested since Wednesday by the Shelbyville Police Department, Bedford County Sheriff's Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol or 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only charged; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

*Wyatt Ervin Allen, 42, South Cannon Boulevard; domestic assault; held, $2,500 bond

*Herman Austin Caldwell III, 36, Methvin Drive; violation of probation; released, $2,500 bond

*Bryan Douglas Campbell, 19, Hobson Avenue; simple possession of schedule VI drug, speeding, financial responsibility; released, $1,000 bond

*Jorge Armando Cruces-Luna, 23, Fairground Heights; domestic assault (two counts); released, $7,000 bond

*Stephen Henry Lovett, 30, Oakdale Street; violation of probation, evading arrest on foot; held, $7,500 bond

*Ashley Chantal Marsh, 21, Hobson Avenue; driving on suspended license (second offense), running red light/stop sign, financial responsibility; released, $500 bond

*James Oscar Mason, 51, Alton Avenue; criminal responsibility for facilitation of a felony; released, $10,000 bond

*Kristy Rebecca Nelson, 25, Landers Street; failure to appear, bondsman surrender; released, $25,000 bond

*Miranda Ann Register, 26, Murfreesboro; failure to appear, bondsman surrender; released, $2,500 bond

*Paul Douglas Smith, 41, Railroad Avenue; possession of schedule VI drug, possession of schedule III drug, possession of drug paraphernalia; released, $3,000 bond

*Jacob Christopher Swank, 19, Barksdale Lane; violation of probation; released, $2,500 bond

*Cleon Linus Sage Van Stone, 19, Lucas Road; violation of probation; released, $2,500 bond

*Roberto Zambrano, 22, Morton Street; domestic assault, failure to appear; released, $2,500 bond