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Warm times in the cool city by the bay

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lynn Dezotell meets San Francisco street performer Skeletor.
(T-G Photo by Doug Dezotell)
Mark Twain is purported to have said, "The coldest winter I've ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

My wife and I just returned from The City on the Bay, and we heard that quote numerous times while we were there. Friends and family who had visited San Francisco before told us to make sure we brought coats or jackets with us when we went, so we were prepared.

We had an absolutely delightful time in a beautiful part of this great country. The weather was chilly, but we enjoyed the clear blue skies.

Lynn has always said she wanted to go to San Francisco, so I told her I would take her there as an anniversary gift.

Our oldest son lives in Willow Creek in Northern California, so we went up to see him and spent several days in the land of the Redwood Forests and Big Foot. Sasquatch was said to have been first sighted in that area.

Then, Lynn and I spent four days in San Francisco. We toured the city aboard a bus (twice). We toured the San Francisco Bay aboard a boat, circled Alcatraz and rode under the Golden Gate Bridge (I kissed my wife under that big orange bridge). It was delightful!

We walked all over Fisherman's Wharf and China Town and enjoyed the many shops and sights along the way.

We thoroughly enjoyed the fresh seafood and ate in some fine Italian restaurants. We dined on Dungeness crab, rock fish, prawn and bay scallops. And I am proud to say I counted my points and stuck with the Weight Watchers program.

Lynn and I were so blessed to have been able to spend such a wonderful week together. We came home happy and refreshed.

It has been a hard year and a half for us and we needed a break. I underwent 10 surgeries during that time. We lost both my mother and Lynn's father. Lynn is an RN and she stays so busy working at both Harton Medical Center in Tullahoma and at Heritage Medical Center in Shelbyville. And we wanted to get away, just the two of us, and rest, relax, and reflect.

Sometimes it is necessary to get away from the normal routine, to take some time off and refocus and reenergize. Too many times we get so busy, we get preoccupied with the ins and outs of our work life and we are just overloaded.

It's recorded several times in the Gospels that Jesus took time off and went apart to rest and pray. Although He was fully God, at the same time He was fully human, and He needed some time apart to rest too.

The summer months are soon upon us. School will be out. Schedules are sometimes more flexible. And so many people plan to take vacations from the end of May through August. If you can, do it. Take some time away with the family, and enjoy one another. And rest.

Some people like to just get away and go fishing, or float the river, or go set up a tent. Others find their away-time in the garden, some people get lost in a good book. Whatever you can do, go apart and rest. It's good for you. I highly recommend it.

I am back in Shelbyville now. Back at the computer. Back at the church. Back to my routine. And I am fine with that. I love what I do. I am so grateful for my life and all the fine people who make it such a grand adventure.

I really enjoyed seeing new horizons. I loved the escape that our trip provided for us. We saw such beautiful country, amazing landscapes and seascapes. But we were so glad to hear that Southwest Airlines pilot say we were getting ready to land in Nashville. He also said it was 84 degrees (so long to the jackets and coats).

It's good to get away, but you know what they say, "There's no place like home!"

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Doug Dezotell
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Doug Dezotell is pastor of Cannon United Methodist Church and a former staff writer for the Times-Gazette.