New MTEC director out to educate public

Thursday, August 25, 2011
Director Lisa Moore reviews some of the statistics for Middle Tennessee Education Center. (T-G Photo by John I. Carney)

Lisa D. Moore, the new director of Middle Tennessee Education Center, says she's been amazed at the support the center has from community leaders but wants to do more to make sure potential students are aware of what the center offers.

MTEC, located in the Bedford County Office Complex on Union Street, is a satellite campus and joint venture of Middle Tennessee State University and Motlow State Community College. Currently, education and business degree programs are offered.

Moore succeeds previous MTSU academic advisor Molly Culbreath but has the title of director of MTEC. She will serve as the academic advisor for MTSU students, but she will work more hours per week and also has a mandate to do more community relations, growing the MTEC program.

"It's kind of like the next step in our growth," said Moore. "That is one of my primary goals, to grow the center."

Renea Cotham continues as academic advisor on the Motlow side of the ledger.

MTEC will start its new season of classes on Monday; there will be five in-person and five online classes under MTSU's curriculum and six under Motlow.

There are 17 Motlow students enrolled at MTEC, 17 in-person MTSU students and 153 online MTSU students.

"I'm quite hopeful that the enrollments will continue to build for both Motlow and MTSU," said Moore.

Moore, a native of Lawrence County who was raised in several communities around the southeast, is an MTSU alumnus living in Rockvale. She holds a master's in communications studies from Auburn and worked in human resources for industries in Colorado and Arizona before returning to Tennessee and joining MTSU as a teacher in speech and theatre.

Moore plans to speak later in the school year to seniors at all three public high schools about what MTEC has to offer, including dual enrollment programs that will allow them to earn college credit while still in high school. She'll also be speaking to local civic clubs and organizations.

"I'm excited," she said. She said she's delighted at the support for MTEC from community leaders. MTEC can be reached at 685-4444 or online at