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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 25

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The real story about schools needs telling

To the Editor:

Regarding your article Sept. 13, 2011, about Cascade School, I must say you made my heart jump.

In a glance I saw the words "Cascade and New School." Oh, but then the details, the said details. Silly my. I thought "new school" would mean construction of a building.

Not only were some of the details inaccurate (sixth graders have been in that building many years), but the quotes from our new superintendent were baffling.

Cascade Middle/High School is a building that is grossly overcrowded. This overcrowding causes a variety of unpleasant and unsafe issues for the students and staff of this school. Supt. Butrum's statement about the opportunity for growth is hard to comprehend in a building that is already past full.

Also, Supt. Butrum is quoted as saying, "I believe we have raised the level of pride at both these schools."

Supt. Butrum is new to our school system, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt that this was just an unfortunate quote to emphasize. If the "we" in his statement refers to himself or anyone that is not on the staff at Cascade, this statement is an insult to our community.

The pride he talks about comes from an amazing faculty and administration that do their best in this overcrowded environment. The pride also comes from a student body that wants to achieve in class and in extracurricular activities. Finally, the pride comes from a community of parents that support their children and their school even with the poor facilities.

If Supt. Butrum wants to witness tis community pride, he should come to a football game on Friday night.

Before our band performs, watch the hard work being done by volunteers to make the fabulous performance possible. Then gauge the reaction of all the members of our community in attendance. Then one will realize that Cascade's pride can not be raised by a new sign. This article is sickening to those of us who have worked to build this pride.

As for the Times-Gazette, I have this advice. Investigate our school system and inform the public. You can start by looking for the answers to these questions.

Why is Harris Middle, a nice new facility, operating at 70 percent capacity when Cascade is at about 135 percent.

Why are students leaving Harris to go to Cascade?

What will happen if Cascade is threatened by a possible tornado? Will the students take shelter between the urinals and the toilets?

What do hallways at class change look like a school with 250 kids too many? How does that "no touch" policy work in those hallways?

What does the cafeteria look like at lunch time?

Is it reasonable to expect a staff to educate children in this environment when other Bedford Co. schools with great facilities struggle?

Now that the Times-Gazette has printed their feel-good story, try reporting on the real situation in our school system.

Chuck Craig

Bell Buckle

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