Disposition dates set for Wilson, Kibble

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Unionville man accused of writing threatening graffiti at the Tyson Foods plant last year will choose to go to trial or make a plea deal on Dec. 1.

Zachary Wilson, 24, appeared before Circuit Court Judge Lee Russell briefly on Thursday to learn his disposition date on two charges of filing a false report in connection with an incident that was followed by bomb threats at the chicken processing plant and national media attention.

Wilson allegedly wrote "We are among you, death is coming, infidel pigs," on a bathroom wall at the plant, sparking concerns for Tyson managers. As a result of the incident, additional security was undertaken at Tyson, who hired an outside firm as well as off-duty Shelbyville officers.

Shelbyville Detective Brian Crews testified in a preliminary hearing in September that due to the media attention that the graffiti incident attracted, two bomb threats occurred, disrupting the day-to-day operations of the plant. The two bomb threats, which happened on Jan. 3 and 14, have not resulted in any arrests.

Wilson's attorney, Jeff Seckler, had argued that at the most, the graffiti incident was vandalism, and was not a false report as the law is written, calling it "a general statement of free speech," pointing out that death is coming to all of us eventually.

However, General Sessions Judge Charles Rich said during Wilson's hearing that a good percentage of Tyson employees are Muslims, and that the language used in the message would point a finger at workers who share this faith as being responsible for it.

Tyson spokesmen denied claims made last Christmas to WSMV in Nashville by an unidentified woman who said that the message read "all Americans must die" and that a fire had been set inside the facility, resulting in unfounded accusations directed at Shelbyville's Somali population over the alleged threats.

Assault charges

The same disposition date of Dec. 1 is set for a Shelbyville man accused of an alleged violent incident in June.

Lavario Devon Kibble, 31, of Barksdale Lane is facing a single count of aggravated assault, especially aggravated stalking and three counts of reckless endangerment. The assault charge was reduced in September from a count of criminal attempt to commit first degree murder.

He is accused of running a car off the road that contained his ex-girlfriend, her 2-year-old son and an adult male friend, then pulling her out of the vehicle and attacking her with a tire iron on June 25.

According to a report by Shelbyville officer Chris Vest, the victim said that Kibble had previously threatened to kill her if he saw her with another man. Kibble allegedly struck her car twice on the driver's side, running it off the road on the second impact.

Following the alleged assault, Kibble sped away and drove to his home, the report said. He later turned himself in at the Bedford County Sheriff's Department late on June 26 and is currently free on $200,000 bond.