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Sunday, May 1, 2016

It's Tebow Time! Win quiets some critics

Sunday, November 20, 2011

T-G Photo by Chris Siers Tim Tebow scored the game-winning touchdown with less than a minute to go in Thursday's showdown against the Jets.
Ever since Denver boss John Fox has opted for Tim Tebow to take the helm of the Broncos, criticism of both the decision to give him the start and Tebow's actual skill have grown exponentially.

Everywhere you look, someone is dogging Tebow, saying he can't cut it with the big boys.

Well, it's safe to say his performance Thursday night has quieted the haters, well, some of them anyways.

Tebow orchestrated a miraculous, 95-yard game-winning drive, capped off with a 20-yard dash into the end zone to give the Broncos the 17-13 win.

But the "comeback kid," as he is being dubbed, is still being blasted by critics saying he can't cut it.

There's one small detail those naysayers fail to acknowledge. And that is the fact that the kid is a winner.

During his first start this year a few weeks ago, Tebow was simply awful for most of the game, before leading Denver to a comeback win over Miami.

He followed up with a loss to the Detriot Lions, who are having their best season in nearly a decade, but then rebounded with three more wins, capped off with the most-recent win over the New York Jets on Thursday night.

So why is all this hate just now manifesting?

Is it deserved? Should Tebow be criticized for the way he runs the offense?

Perhaps the bigger question is, " Does it really matter?"

Who cares how he runs the offense, whether Denver becomes a run-oriented, or pass-oriented team.

People have this mind set that in the NFL, successful quarterbacks only resort to the passing game, and that's simply not true.

Look at Michael Vick. Can step up the passing game when he needs to, but he's also the type of QB who can scramble and pick up the yards when needed.

In college ball, Tebow's style of play is simply more common, no better, no worse.

And the spark Tebow brings has his teammates inspired, which is more than anyone can say about Kyle Orton's charisma.

"He did it to us in college and he's doing it here," teammate Robert Ayers, who went to Tennessee, said in an AP report. "It doesn't have to be pretty, it doesn't have to be Aaron Rodgers-like. As long as we get it done, that's all that matters."

His teammates want him to succeed. They want a charismatic leader who is going to be the team player, take the big hits and sacrifice life and limb to gain that first down.

It's obvious Orton was either unwilling or incapable of doing that. So, on Oct. 23, Tebow got the start over Orton. Since then, he has posted a 4-1 record while holding the starting position.

And when all is said and done, does it matter if he picked up the win with a late-game drive, followed by a run into the end zone?

All that people will remember years down the road is that W on the stats sheet. And maybe, just maybe, those naysayers will jump on the Tebow bandwagon.

Chris Siers is the sports editor for the Times-Gazette. Email him at sports@t-g.com.

Chris Siers
The Extra Point
Chris Siers is sports editor of the Times-Gazette.