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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Teens' play practice shot down

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

There was a plot, sort of.

But, for teens rehearsing William Shakespeare's "Macbeth," real life intermingled with the classic play -- and one actor was arrested.

Act one

A deed of dreadful note.

-- Shakespeare, from "Macbeth"

The thespians descended on H.V. Griffin Park Monday, armed with memorized lines and a stage prop -- a BB gun.

One of the actors was "pointing a gun from the interior of the van" in which he was riding into the park, Shelbyville police were told.

The report didn't state whether the gun was actually aimed at an individual or just pointed at random.

Enter ... a spectator. The spectator wasn't impressed with the prop but was plenty impressed with where it was aimed, and called authorities.

Act two

You have displac'd the mirth, broke the good meeting,

With most admir'd disorder.

-- Shakespeare, from "Macbeth"

Officer Bruce Davis arrived, saw several actors standing beside the van and noted one had a BB gun in his hands.

"I then took the BB gun from the juvenile for everyone's safety," Davis, now at center stage, said in his report.

Suddenly disarmed, the teens told Davis they were rehearsing for a "Macbeth modern day play" and the BB gun was part of the action.

The youth who had been holding the gun told Davis he drove the other actors to the rehearsal in his father's van.

Act three

Come what come may,

Time and the hour runs through the roughest day.

-- Shakespeare, from "Macbeth"

But the plot thickens. No one in the van had a driver's license, Davis discovered.

A nearby adult who told Davis she had driven her daughter to the rehearsal clarified that the teens had been rehearsing beside the park's playground area.

And then, the climatic moment. The BB gun was ready to fire!

"Upon further investigation the BB gun I recovered was found to be loaded," Davis said.

The youth, who is not being identified due to his age, was arrested for carrying a weapon in a public park. A juvenile petition was signed by a judicial commissioner, according to police.

The BB gun was turned over to its owner, the youth's brother.

And the show goes on...