Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, March 25

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Use of firing range questioned

To the Editor:

After reading the Wednesday's T-G article concerning the residents near the Bedford County firing range site and their complaints over the noise of the firing, a question comes to mind. The height of the protective berm and the fact that personnel using the range are apparently trained in the proper and safe use of firearms, safety issues are in place. However, both a Shelbyville policeman and a Bedford County sheriff deputy are reportedly conducting hand-carry permit classes using the site. The firing range is owned by Bedford County but managed by the City of Shelbyville. Either way, both city and county tax dollars are involved.

I obtained a hand-carry permit from a private instructor several years ago and had to pay a substantial upfront fee for the one day class, which included firing for certification on a private, state approved firing range. I would contend that regardless of the circumstances the two officers are conducting hand-carry permit classes for private citizens using a tax supported firing range for personal gain. This reeks of an obvious blatant unauthorized use of a public facility by tax paid employees. The two officers conducting these classes should do so on a private firing range and stop using taxpayers-supported facilities for such. Would a private hand-carry permit instructor be permitted to use this facility to conduct classes?

Enough of our tax dollars are already wasted on other odious endeavors without fueling the issue by tax paid employees abusing the system.

Charles David Sliger


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