Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, April 19

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saluting hospice volunteers

Dear Editor:

It is that time of year to once again pay homage to our dedicated hospice volunteers during National Volunteer Week, April 15-21, 2012. We could be no more proud of those who choose so selflessly to join our team of loyal volunteers for the privilege to journey with others at one of the most significant, spiritual and meaningful times of one's life. I am deeply touched by those who reach out their hand and heart to others in such a meaningful, powerful yet many times, very quiet way.

Across this great land of ours, more than 458,000 trained volunteers provide more than 21 million hours of service to hospice organizations. Did you know that Medicare regulations require Hospice volunteers to provide at least 5% of patient care hours monthly? There are more than 1.58 million people that have received compassionate care from hospice every year and our volunteers are an integral part of the care team. It is reported on patient care surveys that patients and their families experience with their volunteer ranks high on the list of meaningful and compassionate experiences and often times these bonds carry on through the 13 month bereavement journey with the family.

Hospice Compassus services a total of 12 counties in southern middle Tennessee based out of our two offices in Tullahoma and Columbia. We have a wonderful staff of volunteers to help give patient caregiver relief, help with outreach, assist in our offices and much more. In the last two years we have been privileged to facilitate "Living Life with Hospice" at both the Motlow State Community College (Moore Campus) and Columbia State Community College (Columbia campus). This class is based on our volunteer training and is a wonderful educational class on hospice services.

We invite our communities to attend these sessions in the future to learn more about hospice services and possibly joining our team of amazing volunteers!

One of the things we hear most is "I didn't know Hospice provided all of these services" or "we wish we would have called you sooner."

That is difficult to hear. It is truly a mistake to think that hospice is about giving up....especially giving up hope! Hospice is about living life as fully as possible, setting goals or even bucket lists and we will help you along the way to live your life as fully as possibly. It is about precious end of life care and honoring it with supportative care, compassion and dignity.

There is a saying out there "It must be LOVE... it's called Hospice". I see it everyday with my interactions of our devoted volunteers and staff. Please don't ever hesitate to contact us to learn more about hospice or our volunteer services. Here's to you, our humble Volunteers!!

Peace & Blessings,

Julia Logan-Mayes

Volunteer Coordinator

Hospice Compassus

Tullahoma/Columbia, Tennessee

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