Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, April 29

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

It is such a shame that we have such horrible people in Bedford County. On March 1, the Davis family lost another precious member of our family .. my brother, Harvell Davis. He was a very special man, son, husband, father, grandfather and a brother and just a great person all around.

He was buried on March 3 at Mt. Lebanon Church cemetery next to his granddaughter Korley (Davis) and also my daughter Kim Newman Baltimore. On the day of his funeral my sweet sister-in-law, Clara Mae Davis, told her son to leave a very beautiful wind chime there and he hung it up in a tree. It was so beautiful and when we went over to visit our loved ones resting place we could hear the beautiful music as we walked through the cemetery to where they laid.

Clara and I had just been talking about how it was very soothing to walk down there and hear that singing in the wind. We we were talking about going over and putting some kind of cover over it. She had already placed one there before Harvell's death in the tree and I know she hung it there for Korley but she always included my precious Kim and I appreciate it so much.

Well, after our conversation she went over to the cemetery and when she got down there she was very shocked to see the wind chime had been taken. This had to be a very low and uncaring person to steal from a cemetery of things left there for our loves ones. I am so ashamed of that person or persons. This is very hurtful to the family.

I hope that person or persons enjoy that wind chime and I hope that they read this letter and feel some remorse for what they did. I would ask that person to take the wind chime back and hang it in the tree where it belongs and hope you never have to experience the pain that we have. I will be praying.

Margaret Polk

Lewisburg, TN