Habitual offender charged with DUI after crash injures motorcycle rider

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A repeat DUI offender, who has been declared a habitual traffic offender by the state, was charged again Saturday afternoon following a collision with a motorcycle in front of Bedford County Workhouse.

Noel Garcia Lopez, 31, "stared at me and shrugged" when asked for his driver's license, insurance and registration information, officer Justin Smith said after the accident, which left the motorcycle rider with back and leg injuries.

Officers at the scene Saturday said they hadn't obtained the victim's name before he was loaded into an ambulance and police said Monday they were unable to retrieve the name from the department's computers pending the report's completion.

Lopez's license was revoked for failure to satisfy citations and he was declared a habitual offender in May 2010, Smith's report said.

Previous DUI convictions occurred in 2005 and 2007, a computer check showed.

Lopez posted $25,000 bond on new charges of third offense DUI and being a habitual traffic offender.

DUI suspects

* Tonia Craven told police she knew she was too drunk to drive, but she thought she could get away from police.

She didn't.

Craven, 36, of Carter Street, almost lost control at high speed on a curve on East Lane Street as officer Gregg Loyd watched and almost struck Loyd's police car on Bethany Lane early Sunday night.

Loyd said he saw Craven turn off her vehicle's lights, then turn into a Pencil Street parking lot where a passenger identified as Harvey Allen Powell, 37, of the Carter Street address, jumped out and attempted to hide behind a building. Craven then attempted to drive from the lot but was blocked by a fence, Loyd said in his report.

Craven told officers she had been drinking and smoking marijuana. Three marijuana cigarettes were found in her vehicle by officers.

"She stated numerous times that she knew she shouldn't have been driving because she was too drunk," Craven said. "She stated she...knew that I was about to stop her, so she ran because she thought she could get away."

* A DUI suspect who asked the clerk at the BP store on Union Street for a date moments earlier was arrested in the store's parking lot Saturday night.

Officers who had been given the description of a car driven by a "possible drunk driver" found Timothy Dale Scivally, 52, in a vehicle matching the description at the drive-up window and watched as he pulled into a parking space.

Officers Gregg Loyd and Chris Vest said they had to "place him on the ground" as Scivally struggled while being arrested. Scivally was charged with DUI, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and posted $5,000 bond.

Drug charge

Police said they found marijuana after stopping a truck on suspicion of DUI Sunday night.

Larry Lee Lowman II, 42, U.S. 231 North, had a prescription bottle and a pipe, each containing marijuana, in the console of his truck, officer Cody Swift's report said.

Lowman was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a schedule IV drug after half of a Xanax pill was found in his clothing. He posted $4,500 bond.

Disorderly conduct

A Shelbyville woman was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after allegedly refusing to stop blocking the entrance of a Union Street convenience store Friday morning.

Officers were attempting to give a ride home to Maricela Rodriguez, 32, of Barksdale Lane after her husband, Jose Guara Rodriguez-Orozco was arrested for driving without a license.

She was "taken down" by officers after repeated attempts from police and her husband to convince her to move away from the entrance of Brad's Market failed, according to a report filed by officer Brock Horner. The report said she repeatedly yelled "no" when asked to move.


* Playstation 3 and XBox 360 video game systems, 15 games apiece for each system, an impact wrench, disc grinder and dye grinder were stolen from a home and washer and dryer from a nearby trailer at a residence on Maple Street in Normandy Tuesday or Wednesday, the Bedford County Sheriff's Department said Monday.

* A bicycle was stolen from the front yard of a Mac Street home Friday, Shelbyville, police were told.

* A bottle of prescription drugs and $300 were taken from a purse over the weekend in a barn at the Celebration Grounds, police said.

* A GPS unit and seven packs of cigarettes were taken from an unlocked car at a Myers Street home overnight Saturday, according to a police report.

Jail intake

The following were arrested since Friday by the Bedford County Sheriff's Department, Shelbyville Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol or 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only charged; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

* James Robert Archer, 51, Highway 64 West; failure to appear; released, $2,500 bond

* Melvin Tyrell Batts, 44, Philpot Road; DUI, implied consent; released, $1,500 bond

* Cameron Lee Brinkley, 18, Mullinswood Road; filing false report; released, $1,500 bond

* Tyler Scott Calloway, 19, Manchester; driving on suspended license (fourth offense); released, $2,500 bond

* Robin Louise Campbell, 29, Murfreesboro; possession of/conspiracy to distribute legend drug, possession of/conspiracy to distribute schedule III drug (two counts); held, $15,000 bond

* Armie Kaye Clanton, 40, West Lane Street; driving on revoked/suspended license; released, $500 bond

* Tonia Dennis Craven, 36, Carter Street; DUI, simple possession of schedule VI drug, evading arrest by motor vehicle; released, $5,000 bond

* Marie Lee Desilets, 29, Tullahoma; simple possession of schedule VI drug, possession of drug paraphernalia; released, $4,000 bond

* Linda Darlene Frame, 50, Cowan; shoplifting; released, $500 bond

* Ricky Gene Frame, 50, Cowan; shoplifting; released, $500 bond

* Julian Douglas Gilliam, 38, Tullahoma; violation of parole, violation of probation; held, $2,500 bond

* Emilia Jiminez, 40, Barksdale Lane; violation of probation; summons delivered

* Justin Ray Johnson, 33, Whiteside Hill Road; driving on revoked license (fourth offense), possession of schedule VI drug, possession of schedule IV drug, violation of probation; held, $15,500 bond

* Patrice Nicole Johnson, 24, Green Lane; driving on suspended license; released, $500 bond

* Noel Garcia Lopez, 31, West Lane Street; DUI (third offense), habitual motor vehicle offender; released, $25,000 bond

* James Thomas Love, 44, White Street; failure to appear; held, no bond

* Larry Lee Lowman II, 44, U.S. 231 North; simple possession of schedule VI drug, DUI, simple possession of schedule IV drug, possession of drug paraphernalia; released, $4,500 bond

* Donovan O'Neil Maxwell, 22, Troupe Road; DUI, resisting arrest, assault, failure to maintain lane, light law, implied consent; held, $7,500 bond

* Brian Earl McKinney, 45, South Cannon Boulevard; DUI, open container; released, $1,500 bond

* Kenneth Layne Napper, 53, Hurricane Grove Road; disorderly conduct; released, $1,500 bond

* Pedro Martinez Perez, 25, Fayetteville; driving on revoked/suspended license; released, $1,000 bond

* Christopher J. Pollard. 31, West Lane Street; reckless endangerment; released, $1,500 bond

* Harvey Allen Powell, 37, Carter Street; public intoxication, resist stop/frisk/halt/search; released, $1,500 bond

* Maricela Rodriguez, 32, Barksdale Lane; disorderly conduct, resisting arrest; released, $6,500 bond

* Jose Guada Rodriguez-Orozco, 34, Barksdale Lane; no driver's license, registration to be carried; released, $500 bond

* Timothy Dale Scivally, 52, Morton Street; DUI, disorderly conduct, resist stop/frisk/halt/search; released, $5,000 bond

* David Wayne Smith, 29, Henslee Road; DUI, implied consent; released, $2,000 bond

* John Darron Thomas, 45, Clyde Gleaves Road; DUI (third offense); released, $10,000 bond

* William Alfred Wright Jr., 44, Warners Bridge Road; public intoxication; released, $500 bond