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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Clemens enters race for U.S. Senate seat

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mark Twain Clemens
Bedford County resident Mark Twain Clemens has announced his candidacy for the United States Senate.

A resident of the Longview community since 1993, Clemens has worked 15 years as an explosive engineer for Tennessee Excavating.

His platform is to reduce the $15 trillion dollar deficit by cutting government spending and raise tariffs to a reasonable amount.

Rail system

Clemens also suggests ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and is proposing to build a 100 percent made-in-America transcontinental passenger rail system.

He believes the creation of this passenger rail system -- and Tennessee being a right to work state -- together would make the environment rich for industrial growth.

"This project will be larger than the TVA; it will create real jobs almost instantly," according to a statement from Clemens. "This job creation program does not require economic tax theories such as 9-9-9," the economic plan touted by former presidential candidate Herman Cain.


"Even when spending is wrangled back under control, we still have to pay back $15.3 trillion. The money will have to come from somewhere." Clemens does not feel comfortable leaving this burden solely on taxpayers' shoulders.

"Since the present Congress does not sensibly collect this revenue, this is like a new revenue source untapped," he said. "Applying half of the money to the passenger rail system would be no cost to the American tax payer."

Clemens says he does not accept contributions in order to separate his "higher moral, political standard from the rest of the riff rate."

He also says the vast amount of special interest money is what is wrong with the legislative system today, and promises to make aggressive legislation to reform all campaign contribution and lobbying laws.

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