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All the people should be heard

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Two weeks' worth of political party conventions and we're hearing the same rhetoric we've heard all summer.

Both presidential candidates claim to be for the working person, and the rich person, and for our health, and for making us all prosperous, and to be the one who will change our world.

Hey, guys, meet reality.

Truth is, you don't know your country. Because you don't know us like you may have earlier in life.

You make campaign speeches where you talk at most of us instead of to us. You go to fundraisers where you do talk face-to-face -- to the rich, as they're in the process of attempting to buy off what's left of your honesty and your souls.

You talk to corporate presidents and rich investors and celebrities.

But you don't appear to be talking -- really talking -- to America.

Where are the people who paint our houses and change our tires and treat us,, then carry us to the hospital if we're injured?

You won't talk to those a little lower on the social ladder, but whose hearts beat just the same and who are just as patriotic. Maybe more patriotic, because they don't ship part of their income to foreign countries to avoid paying their share of taxes which, like it or not, keep America going.

You don't talk to the soul of America. If someone's not "important" they're not heard.

And speaking of importance...

Both parties promise to create jobs. So why do we hear so much criticism of typical working Americans just because they want decent pay and maybe a raise now and then? Are only executives in white-collar positions supposed to enjoy bonuses or raises?

Ever notice how people are being belittled by so many politicians these days if they don't have a business management background or college degree?

Notice how when tragedies such as hurricanes or mass shootings occur it's not the upper crust who are doing the hands-on, grunt work.

Candidates, take a look at these emergency workers. And take a glance at those working on what assembly lines still exist in America; those who pick up our trash, sew up our wounds...put up with us every day and repair what we've broken.

You look...because, as leaders and wanna-be leaders, you haven't been looking -- or listening -- to those who really keep the nation going from day to day.

T-G copy editor David Melson can be contacted at dmelson@t-g.com.

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