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Letter to the Editor, Sept. 6

Thursday, September 6, 2012

To The Editor:

This election is undoubtedly the most important in the history of America. Because of the failures of the policies of this Administration, we now have a $16 trillion debt, continual trillion dollar annual deficits, 24 million un- and under-employed, $4 gas prices, a stifled economy, and policies that discourage business growth. These are all topics that Obama neglects to address or misleads his audiences by spin, misstatements, and outright lies. What other options does he have?

But, I have an even larger and over-riding concern. It is the fact that Obama has repeatedly violated the Constitution by breaking laws established by our elected representatives and has unilaterally issued executive orders that are contrary to provisions in these laws. Many of these violate the separation of powers provided in the Constitution that clearly limits the authority of the executive branch. When the President can ignore the plain language of duly passed laws and substitute his own directives, we are no longer a free people. We no longer have "a government of laws and not of men" but rather, a president who is ruling by decree, just like a dictator in some banana republic.

Some examples of Obama policies and Executive Orders include:

-- Ignoring provisions of No Child Left Behind.

-- Dismissing the work requirements of the welfare law

-- Granting amnesty for illegal aliens brought to US as children.

-- Suing states for attempting to enforce federal immigration laws.

-- Selectively enforcing the voting rights laws to foster illegal voting.

-- Refusing to turn over Fast and Furious documents to Congress.

-- Giving exemptions to provisions of the Obama-Care law to his friends and donors.

-- Appointing department heads and czars without Senate approval.

-- Filing suit to reduce absentee voting time by 3 days for soldiers.

-- Telling Putin that, if he'll just be patient, after the election he'll have more flexibility to negotiate.

-- Obama has issued over 900 Executive Orders and he is not even through his first term. Some grant him power to take over all transportation, communication, media, power, fuels, finance, manufacturing, and judicial systems and to mobilize brigades. Worse, he has issued these orders without any reactions from our legislators. Why not? This is a separate concern.

The past has set the course Obama intends to take in his next four years. It also gives insight into his determination to win this election by any means. Not having to face reelection he knows that he no longer needs to worry about voter reaction and can continue to rule by decree. He may be challenged by the courts but if he is permitted to appoint just one more member to the Supreme Court, he will also have a rubber stamp majority there. This is another separate concern.

Freedom is seldom lost all at once, but this president has done more than any president in our history to ignore our laws in defiance of the Constitution. This deserves your serious consideration in the upcoming presidential election. If these lawless dictatorial acts haven't concerned you, nothing is going to change your mind.

Restoring the integrity of the Constitution is vital to assuring that freedom is provided for our own children and grandchildren. It is far more important than most of the divisive issues of our parties; many who have already realized that are changing their votes.

In November, vote for candidates who respect what our Founding Fathers created and our presidents, legislators and judges have sworn to uphold, the Constitution of the United States of America.

Ross Roepke


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