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Rescuing young lives: Faulk begins a new journey

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Luke Faulk will officially launch Nothing But God ministries in a few weeks, during an event in the Calsonic Arena which will feature Christian artists Unhindered and Seventh Day Slumber.
(T-G photo by Jim Davis) [Order this photo]
Luke Faulk was standing in the atrium of Calvary Baptist Church one morning, looking out the windows at the traffic going by. In a high traffic spot on Lane Parkway, you might see any number of people passing by on a Sunday morning.

That morning he was praying, "I was asking God what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life," said Luke. "That's a big thing to pray, and you'd better be ready for the answer."

Special calling

He had stood in those windows before, watching traffic go by. Oftentimes, he might see a friend or two, but on this day -- for whatever reason -- the passersby were friends, family, people he knew well.

"That's when it hit me," as the message became clear in his heart and his vision. "I was called to reach people who had no idea what I knew. When I thought about peoples' salvation, their eternity, knowing they didn't know who Christ is -- I accepted my call right there."

Luke has been preaching locally since he was in middle school, feeling the first tugs of a calling to evangelism even then.

Growing pains

Making the transition to high school gave him pause on the notion. He noticed in his freshman year that his friends split, took different paths, some good, some bad.

"There for about a year, I really struggled with actually going through with this, because it was just a lonely time, it was a hard time. It got tough."

He struggled, he says, with having this commitment to Christ deep in his heart while living within the social and moral choices of his friends. "Sophomore year, midway through, I got to a point where I knew that if [being lonely] was the price I had to pay, it was worth it. I accept it."


Once he released the worry, his friends returned, and relationships were renewed.

Luke graduated from Shelbyville Central High School this summer, after serving as quarterback of the school's football team and being a baseball standout for much of his high school career. He was also active in the school's chapter Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and served as president.

Toward the end of football season last year, there were some letters of interest from some small schools.

His pastor Tom Henry was encouraged. Henry's alma mater, Georgetown, was in need of a quarterback, and "I had Tim Tebow syndrome," he laughed. Like the former Florida standout quarterback, Henry considers Luke a fine athlete, a fine preacher. "You can do both."

No game

Luke didn't pursue any of those letters, didn't send out any films to recruiters. Instead, a seed began to grow, a simple idea -- and once planted it has grown almost supernaturally.

"I knew there was something bigger that was going to come," said Luke.

He was driving around town with a friend when a song by Christian group Unhindered came on the radio. His passenger said, "It would be really cool if you could get them to come here."

"So before we had any money, before we had a [formal ministry], before we even knew what we were doing, we had them booked." Unhindered is bringing along a group of friends, peers in the music industry -- popular Christian artists Seventh Day Slumber.

Starting point

The result is Rescued! which will officially launch the ministry of Luke Faulk and Nothing But God Ministries (NBG).

The free event will take place Sunday, Sept. 23 in the Calsonic Arena, and organizers hope to fill the stands with not only local youth groups, but those in neighboring states who have made commitments to attend.

"The neat thing is that there have been a lot of businesses and individuals who have come through with money, time, volunteer hours -- and I think it's because they see that there is something different about this younger generation. I think God is raising up a new generation," said Luke's father Jeff, who serves as youth minister at Calvary Baptist.

Reaching out

There is no watering down of a message, "This event is to teach people about Jesus Christ," said Luke. "I want to reach out to people who have never gotten to experience God in a way that is real."'

The NBG ministry is based on scripture in John 15:13. "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." It is fitting for this young man with so much passion for his peers and for his community.

The event takes place Sept. 23 at Calsonic Arena. Doors open at 5 p.m. and admission is free.