The beast under the bed

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Third place, Ages 9-13

"Dad, are we there yet?" Holden asked.

Holden is my eight year old brother. My name is Gracie I am six years old and I am moving into a new house. My family moves around a lot because of my dad's job. But, my dad quit his job to spend time with us. So, this will be our house for a long time. We finally arrived at our new house and it is so beautiful.

"I wonder what it looks like on the inside?" I said.

When we went inside, there were three bedrooms on the top floor and a very small one on the bottom. So ofcourse, I got stuck with that one.

The next morning I dropped my stuffed dog under my bed. When I went to get it I found a handle. When I opened it there was a long drop. I didn't know how long of a drop it was so, I went to the garage to get the rope ladder from my brother's old tree house. I came back and asked my other big brother,Cole, to nail it to the ground.

After he did he walked away and said, "Have fun here's a flashlight."

I took it from him and started climbing down. When I got to the bottom I turned on the flashlight. I started to walk around when something flew quickly beside me. I started sceaming and running but I dropped my flashlight on the ground and it broke. So I couldn't find my way back! I was lost in the dark but not alone. I could feel something behind me breathing, growling, walking. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack! My brother heard me scream and I could hear him. I followed the sound of the echos bouncing off the narrow hallway. Soon I was back in my room.

After I ate my breakfast I went outside. It was a cold fall day. I was wearing my favorite coat. It was pink with green stars on it. When ice cold rain drops fell from the sky, I went inside and wrote. I wrote an email about my new house to my bestfriend Lidia. I wanted to tell her about the thing below my bed because I needed to tell someone that would believe me. My brothers always ignored me. She replied back and asked if I could get a picture. Since she was my bestie, I decided to go ahead with the plan to snap a picture of the scary beast. So when I went down there I brought my camera, two flashlights, and a baseball bat. Afterall I wasn't as crazy as I look. I took a deep breath and I was on my way. It was darker than the last time. My light gleamed off the shattered glass of the busted flashlight from hours before. It was quiet and not one word was heard. The darkness grew even darker, and I was glad I had remembered the extra flashlight. Suddenly from behind the shadows I heard the breathing again. And then the growling and then the light shown and it revealed to me a huge shadow of a monstrous size! It came closer and closer. I was shaking vigoursly but managed to snap a picture and then it dissapeared. I was frozen. I was just standing there staring at the picture. It was unbelievable the monster turned out to be just a big, fat, ugly...."DOG?!" I yelled. Just then my mom called for me to eat some lunch. I quickly ran out of there as fast as a rocket.

During lunch my dad said that his business he was building burned down and he didn't have the money to repair it. So, we were going to have to move again afterall. We packed up the moving boxes. When the last box was on the trailer, I saw the new family arriving. They had a daughter and she looked about my age.

I heard them say,"You can have the pink room Sara."

The pink room was mine, but I didn't say anything. I just sat there quietly thinking to myself, "Good luck". I never saw that house or that strange dog again.