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Seeing double: Sisters power Viqueens

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Megan Williams
(T-G photo by Chris Siers)
Friends. Teammates. Sisters. It's tough for a young athlete to forge an identity without a sister tagging along wanting to be just like their sister, whether it's in dressing like her, having the same friends, or playing the same sport.

For six players on the Community Viqueen soccer squad, it's just a way of life. Sisters Ali and Abi Armstrong, Megan and Courtney Williams, and Jordan and Mercedes Huntley make it work every day on the field.

While having three groups of sisters on a team is a rare thing to see, even more scarce is having two of the pairs being twins.

Jordan Huntley
(T-G photo by Chris Siers)
Junior midfielders Ali and Abi Armstrong have played with the bulk of the Viqueen team since youth league soccer.

"We've played with this entire team since we were five," Abi said.

But playing with a twin sister is special in itself, according to the pair.

Courtney Williams
(T-G photo by Chris Siers)
"The whole twin thing is pretty neat because we're pretty close. We're always encouraging each other," Abi said. "We can be mad at each other and then two seconds later we can be fine," Ali said.

While the pair provide a one-two punch at midfield, there was a time when Ali had to play for both her and her sister.

"When I tore my ACL it was hard for her too, but she was really encouraging. She kind of played for both of us," Ali said.

Ali Armstrong
(T-G photo by Chris Siers)
But the Armstrongs aren't the only twins making a name for themselves for the Viqueens.

Freshmen sisters Mercedes and Jordan Huntley also get their fair share of playing time.

What started as just a tune up to stay in shape for basketball has morphed into two of the best young assets the Viqueens have.

Abi Armstrong
(T-G photo by Chris Siers)
"I couldn't imagine playing without her. We've playing since we were in sixth grade. I did it to stay in shape for basketball and it kind of grew on us," Mercedes said.

"I'm glad I have her. She knows my strength and weaknesses and I know hers. I couldn't imagine it without her," Jordan said.

While the Armstrongs and the Huntleys have always had the twin aura when playing, sisters Courtney and Megan Williams have had a bit of a different view in playing soccer together.

With one year separating the two, this year has taken on added significance simply because it's the last year they'll be able to suit up together.

Megan, a senior, spoke of how special it's been playing with her little sister.

"It means a lot. We've always been close. I can't imagine her not being here," she said.

The two began playing several years ago, but as with many little sisters, Courtney wanted to be just like her big sister and signed up to play soccer as well.

"It's been fun. I actually started playing because I thought she wanted to sign up," Courtney said.

"We're so close in age, it's kind of like whatever one does the other does. I didn't like my first year, but she loved it. So I kept playing because she did," Megan said.

And the two have made their impact while playing for Community. Courtney, a powerful asset on the front line, has been one of the go to scorers this year for the Viqueens.

"I think it's really great for a bonding experience. We really encourage each other on the field. It's really brought us closer," Megan said.

With her senior year coming to a close, Megan reflected on her favorite memory playing with Courtney.

"My eighth grade year, we had a shootout and I remember being on the field just praying that Courtney would make a goal--and she did," she said.

Much like her big sister, Courtney's favorite memory is of an accomplishment Megan had in the middle school years.

"In my seventh grade year we were playing in the championship game against Westwood. We had been behind the entire game. Megan scored and kind of got the momentum going--I was proud of her," Courtney said .

So far this year, the Viqueens have built a 13-2 record and captured second place in District 11A/AA. On Tuesday night, Community faced off against Giles County with the hopes of keeping its season alive in Region 6 A/AA play. Results were unavailable at press time.

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