Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 25

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Column should be read by all

Dear editor, The editorial "Political Arguing Threatens Unity" (Times-Gazette, Sunday, Oct. 21, Opinion) written by John Carney should be published in every newspaper in America.

It also should be required reading by all the members of Congress.

Julio L. Francesconi

Flat Creek

Dog should return to owner

Dear editor, This letter is concerning the Bedford County Animal Control (BCAC).

During the week of Oct. 1, the BCAC went to my husband's 93-year-old grandmother's house in a subdivision in Unionville. She lives alone with two dogs and a cat. She had a German Shepherd chained in the driveway with a doghouse. This dog was a good watch dog for an elderly lady, and it made her feel safe.

The dog had broken its chain in the past, but this only happened a few times. His grandmother always fixed the chain and brought the dog back home. The dog was well-fed, had up-to-date shots, and was cared for daily. She loved that dog like a child.

The dog had broken its chain, and someone called the BCAC. They came to her house and told her they had to take her dog. She was upset and said, "Fine, take my dog." Keep in mind she is 93-years-old, and I am sure her emotions got the best of her.

We visited her the day after they took her dog, and she had tears in her eyes every time she mentioned her dog. She told us she really loved her dog, and it made her feel safe and gave her company because she lives along.

Her song went to the BCAC to try and get the dog back less than a week after they had taken it. They told her she could not have it back because she had told them to "just take the dog" when they came to get it. They said they already had three people interested in the dog.

They can give the dog to someone else, but they can't give the dog back to its owner, a 93-year-old lady who loves her dog? We always hear that they need people to adopt animals and provide homes, but they can't let this dog go back to its loving owner?

His grandmother has lived in this area the majority of her life and has paid taxes all those years. She has provided for her family, and now she cares for herself. Don't you think after such a long life of working hard that she deserves to have enjoyment with her animals in her old age? Maybe the BCAC should stop being so "concerned" about the animals that have loving owners and pay attention to the neglected animals with owners who don't even care.

Mary Jones


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