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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 6

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kudos to hospital leaders

Dear editor:

Bedford County has been fortunate, in my opinion, to have had Mr. Richard Graham and Mr. Dan Buckner as administrators/CEO's of our hospitals.

Although I've never met Mr. Buckner personally, I regret that he has resigned and is leaving the hospital. I can only imagine some of the challenges that both men faced and solved in running the hospitals.

While our hospitals have caught criticisms for various things, some justified and some unjustified, we have been fortunate to have had the services of these two men.

I wish Richard Graham continued happiness in his retirement and I wish Dan Buckner continued success in his business life. To both, I extend my personal gratitude for jobs well done and God's speed for the future.


W. Nowlin Taylor

Thankful diner will pay it forward

Dear editor:

God is always blessing us in ways that we are not even aware of sometimes. But most of the time we take every blessing he gives us for granted because we are so accustomed to them. Then, a blessing comes along that shocks us and we are standing with our mouths open because we just can't believe it.

I had this experience Saturday at (a local eating establishment). I usually go through the drive-through to get my order, but when I drove up something told me to go inside, which I did.

As I stood there I noticed a young couple placing an order to go. I waited my turn and gave the lady my order for two dinners. As I started to pay the young man came up to the register and said, "Here, I'll get that."

I was shocked. I did not know what to say, except to tell him that it was not necessary. But he said, "No, I want to do this because I have not done a good deed for anyone all day."

That young man was Stacy Luna. Stacy, I want to say thank you again and tell you that I will pass it on to someone else. God will surely bless you and your family. I am sure of that.

Shirley Alcorn

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