Jail employee accused of smuggling items to inmates

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A former county corrections officer was indicted by the grand jury Monday, accused of smuggling forbidden items to prisoners in exchange for money.

Jeremy Ryan Tyre, 25, of Fort Circle, Wartrace, was indicted for contraband in a penal facility and official misconduct - both of which are Class E felonies.

In June, officers with the county were told by inmates that Tyre was bringing in tobacco and cell phones in exchange for money, and in a few cases, the drug Xanax.

According to statements by Sheriff Randall Boyce, Tyre confessed to bringing in the items and stated it had been going on for about a year.

Tyre is represented by defense attorney Jeff Seckler and will appear next in Circuit Court on Jan. 3.


A number of other defendants appeared before Circuit Court Judge Robert Crigler on Monday for arraignment.

* Joshua David Bomar, 24, forgery (eight counts), theft of property over $1,000.

* Ivan Espinoza, 27, auto burglary, theft, resisting arrest.

* Christi Fay Grisham, criminal trespassing.

* Laketia Haley, 43, theft of property over $60,000.

* Roy Haley, 42, theft of property over $60,000.

* Quinton Deon Hiles, 24, schedule II drug (eight counts).

* Daneile Jenny Jeffery, 35, aggravated robbery, theft.

* Donnie R. Johnson, 37, theft of property over $10,000.

* Steven D. Johnson, 19, theft of property over $10,000.

* James Bradley Lynch, 22, initiate manufacture of methamphetamine.

* Michael Love Madden, 31, initiate manufacture of methamphetamine.

* Bryan Keith Moore, schedule II drugs (six counts), drug paraphernalia.

* Stephen Smith, 45, schedule II drugs, conspiracy, schedule III drugs (two counts), schedule II drugs, (two counts).

* Dustin M. Vaughn, promoting methamphetamine manufacture, initiate manufacture of methamphetamine.

* Chancie A. West, 33, aggravated assault.

* William Lee Wright Jr., schedule II drugs (four counts).

A total of seven others cases were not presented to the grand jury this month, but could come before them again, when they meets on Jan. 14.