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The children of Dodo

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Have you ever heard of the son of Dodo?

Probably not.

Maybe you have heard of the dodo bird, the extinct, flightless bird from the island of Mauritius. He's long gone.

Or you may have heard of the now retired Brazilian soccer player, Ricardo Lucas, who was nicknamed, Dodo.

Or maybe somewhere down the line someone may have called you a dodo.

The son of Dodo is not too well known. But, he held a prominent place in the life of King David.

The Old Testament book of 2 Samuel, chapter 23, referred to "Eleazar the son of Dodo," as one of David's "mighty men."

He was listed among a group of men that King David thought very highly of.

He fought alongside David, and helped to secure a victory. He was a great warrior.

But, Eleazar the son of Dodo, is not very well known at all. But, to David he was very important, and he held him in high esteem.

Many times there are people in our lives who are our "sons of Dodo," someone who is very important to us; someone who has impacted our life in some way, and we hold them in high esteem.

They may not be well known to others, but to us they are a hero, a "mighty man" (or a mighty woman).

When you ask people to list famous people in the Bible, names such as Jesus, of course, come to mind; or Abraham and Moses, Mary and Joseph, Paul and Peter, and the other apostles.

But, few people list the son of Dodo.

For many of us there are sons of Dodo, or the daughters, that make our life matter.

My life has been changed forever because of those mighty men and women who made a difference at some point in my life.

Some people might think of them as insignificant, but not me.

Every ministry that I have ever served in was a success because of those "mighty men or women" that worked alongside of me. Others may not recognize their names, but to me they are heroic.

Most of us can make a list of people that have made a difference in our lives; a teacher, a baby sitter, a neighbor, a relative, a friend, a classmate, a co-worker, that person who sits across the aisle from you at church; or maybe a pastor or a minister, or a team mate or a coach.

I am so thankful for those people who were there at a time in my life when I needed someone to care; someone to share the burden with me; someone to pray with me and pray for me; someone to cry with me, or to wipe my tears; or to make me laugh.

I am so thankful for those "sons of Dodo" that have made this journey so much better.

I have lost contact with many of those people over the years, but at times I find myself thinking about them and praying for them. I take time to thank God for the way they touched me, and I pray that I can touch other people in the same way.

I hope somehow that I can be a "son of Dodo" for someone.

I hope that I can be someone's "mighty man."

Maybe you share that desire. I hope that you can make a difference for the people in your life.

Be a mighty man or a mighty woman. Touch someone's life in a positive way.

Be a "child of Dodo."

-- Doug Dezotell is the pastor of Mt. Lebanon UMC and Cannon UMC. He is a former staff writer for the Times-Gazette, and he is a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a friend to many. He can be contacted at dougmdezotell@yahoo.com.

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Doug Dezotell
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Doug Dezotell is pastor of Cannon United Methodist Church and a former staff writer for the Times-Gazette.