Send us your best!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are you an amateur photographer looking to share some of your best work?

In preparation for the second edition of Salute, the newspaper is asking readers to submit photos for possible inclusion in the publication.

Salute magazine is published by the Times-Gazette for the Shelbyville-Bedford County Chamber of Commerce. It's a high-quality magazine geared toward showing off the best Bedford County has to offer. Thousands of copies are distributed through over 160 locations by the TG throughout the county for a year and the Chamber uses several thousand with business recruitment and residential newcomers.

"While we don't want people to get bogged down in strict categories, we do have some loose categories that may help guide photographers or readers as they sift through their photo collections," said T-G editor Sadie Fowler, who also edits the magazine.

We are primarily looking for beautiful scene or landscape photos that capture the four seasons the county offers, and also photos that showcase Bedford County's focus in agribusiness.

"An ideal photo might be of horses grazing in the field on a pretty spring day," Fowler said. "Or a child sitting on Dad's lap as he drives his John Deere across the field."

Other sections of the magazine that welcome support from reader/photographers are: Entertainment, industry, school and sporting events (particularly youth sports), and outdoor activities. However, any great photos you think capture life in Bedford County are welcome.

Please email photos to and include a brief description of the photo as well as the full name and contact information for the photographer.