Moulder reunion planned

Thursday, June 6, 2013
Civil War soldier Jacob Molder (Submitted photo)

On Saturday, descendants of Civil War veteran Jacob Molder will hold their ninth reunion on the farm of Jacob's great, great, great grandson, Tim Moulder (as some descendants now spell the name). Family members from across the country come to the Hall's Mill community each year to see family, renew friendships, and celebrate the lives of those who gave so much so long ago.

Jacob Molder, and his son Samuel, were both privates in Company E, 10th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry. Company E, a Union regiment which was made up of men mostly from Bedford County, was organized in Nashville during the summer of 1862. Jacob enlisted right away and Samuel joined him in December of that same year.

The regiment was assigned post and garrison duty at Nashville until September 1863. General William Rosecrans, who commanded the Army of the Cumberland and fought the Confederate Army at Stones River and Tullahoma, ordered Company E to Bridgeport, Alabama to help secure the railroad. Following this assignment, they returned to Nashville guarding the Nashville and Northwestern Railroad until June 1864 and then serving as the guard for Gov. Andrew Johnson, a future U.S. president, until April 1865. Two months later, Samuel completed his duties in the district of East Tennessee and mustered out.

Jacob was discharged 2 years earlier on July 28, 1863 after spending two months in the hospital "on account of old age and infirmity." He would die only 2 months later. Still wearing his Federal uniform, Jacob had just returned from squirrel hunting when he was accosted by Confederate bushwhackers who falsely accused him of shooting at them. They hung Jacob from a tree near his house, leaving his body for his wife and daughter to cut down.

Jacob was born January 21, 1806, in Grainger County to Henry and Mary Molder. He was the grandson of John Mohlar and Susanna Swindle, who came to America from Germany. In 1829, Jacob married Susannah Capley. Together, they had 3 sons, Jasper, William Parsons, and Samuel Kimbro; and 4 daughters, Martha (Drye), Mary Jane (Williams), Sarah Elizabeth (Williams), and Christina (Nichol Green).

Children and grandchildren settled throughout the United States from coast to coast. This year, descendants from 10 states, including Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nevada, as well as local descendants, plan to attend the reunion. are attending the reunion of Jacob's clan on his great, great, great grandson's farm, only three miles from where Jacob and his wife are buried.

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