Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, July 18

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fishing takes me back to simpler times

Dear Editor,

So many wonderful and spectacular things were created for this Earth.

At the age of 71, or to truthfully put it living in my "shadow days," I still manage to find time to slip away to the quiet of outdoors.

Since the tender age of 3 my guitar was always my "first love" with hunting, steel trapping and fishing my second as I became older.

With all the noise, air pollution, evil and idiocy of mankind today, I find it harder to escape into the "qualities of the past." Recently, I managed to do just as I have countless times before. I went by canoe, to a childhood secret slough, bearing an ultra-light fishing rod and 50 crickets. I still to this day fish for the gutsy little fish known as the Sun Perch or "Pumpkinseed." To me, no stream fish has the delicacy in taste or striking colors of this 6-ounce fighter.

"Old River Men" of my childhood would remark, "If they weighted a couple of pounds, you couldn't land 'em."

Eating "Pumpkinseeds" every summer is to me as traditional as blackeyed peas and hog jowl on New Year's Day!

Always, as usual, I take time to admire a stringer of these little beauties.

Recently, a thought occurred to me. A thought of Jehovah, the "Creator" smiling and chuckling to himself, as he made this little fish that wears the colors of the setting sun sprinkled with specks of a deep blue autumn sky.

J. Augustus Woodward


Leader thanks dog project supporters

Dear Editor,

The Bedford County 4-H Dog Project Group recently held graduation from obedience and agility training classes for dogs and their owners.

We would like to thank 4-H parents for their support in allowing their children to continue to learn how to love and care for their canine companions.

Obedience and agility classes, the dog show and graduation would not have been possible without the support of our 4-H extension agent Mrs. Emily Osterhaus.

A special thank you goes to junior leader Timmy Martin who, with his dog Ranger, assisted younger 4-Hers in learning the basics of dog obedience and agility.

Several businesses have supported the dog project group with prizes and donations for the final dog show. Businesses include: Bedford County Co-op, Tina's Red Barn, Puppy Palace, Shelbyville Animal Clinic, and Winner's Circle. Thank you for all your support in our endeavors.

Heather Miller

4-H Dog Project Leader

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