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Letters to the Editor, July 25

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Don't tear down historic rock jail

While reading the article about jail relocation in Thursday's T-G, I noticed a comment to the effect that the present jail could be torn down to make room for tour bus parking, which was presumed to be something which would make our square more attractive to tours on the way to Jack Daniels Distillery. I could not tell from the arial photo exactly what area was being suggested for this parking, but if demolishing the classic old limestone building would be required for this parking lot, I believe that might turn out to be penny wise and pound foolish. That old stone building itself possibly could become a city/county museum with exhibits, attracting tourists in its own right. Moreover, requiring tourists, some of whom would be challenged by the hill between the stone building and the square, to climb up and back down to enjoy the attractions of the square would be counterproductive. There is a vacant lot diagonally across from the library which might provide much more satisfactory tour bus parking. Sincerely,

Charles Brumbelow

The arts are important

I am sending this letter to the paper, knowing that I should have sent it months ago. I really want to address every parent, educator, and anyone involved in the Bedford county school system.

I would first like to send a big thank you to Southside Elementary School, Principal Reita Vaughan, the staff, and all the teachers that my children have been so blessed to be in their classrooms over the past 9 years. You all truly made a difference in my children's lives in so many ways. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I especially want to thank you for this past school year. It was bittersweet as our youngest completed their final year at Southside.

My main purpose for this letter, though, is to plead with all concerned about the importance of music and art in our schools. Our daughter was the only elementary school child representing our entire county for the Middle Tennessee Honor Choir and the Tennessee Treble State Choir that performed at this past year's music educators conference in Chattanooga. I am not just bragging. I am very proud of her, but I was also shocked that more schools did not participate or were not able to for various reasons. We are so grateful to Southside school and the music teacher, Jessica Morel-Scruggs. She began a school choir and has played such a huge role in our child's music education. We need school choirs! It's not just about having the best voice, winning competitions or knowing the names of a few great composers. They work hard together as a team; they learn to read music and sing classical songs, they get exposed to all kinds of musical instruments, and you can see the joy and pride in their faces when they have their final concerts...and you listen with pride knowing how hard they have worked, and how great they sound. This would not have been possible without an incredible music teacher at her school.

I also want to thank Andrea McTigue, Southside's art education teacher, for all of her hard work. She makes sure that every child's artwork is important and special. She displays their art all over the school, online and at festivals and shows. This is huge for kids. They get to have their art displayed in a building where everyone can come by and admire their work. They learn techniques and ideas to help them enhance their skills.

I realize these programs cost money, but you cannot put a price on the happiness, pride, and education benefits they bring. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!

Rusty Neeley

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