Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, Sept. 12

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trees on square should stay

Dear editor,

I sat listening to Shelbyville Square merchants at the city council meeting last week complain about the trees and the birds that inhabit their large canopies. These merchants say the droppings and feathers are filthy and dangerous; also, they complained, trees block their buildings so people don't know the businesses are there.

The trees, historic buildings and a property and business owner, Nancy June Brandon, are the reasons I moved onto the Square 10 years ago. (I left San Diego and years of shopping in sterile, treeless malls.)

Both the trees and Mrs. Brandon brought life to a dying Square. There were two burned out buildings, run-down buildings due to indifferent absentee owners, and lots of vacancies.

Nancy June hung onto her vision of a revitalized square as people asked why we would want to live on a "dead square." She had the burned-out buildings restored, bringing a new business and some new residences to those buildings. She has enabled several other businesses to come here.

All Nancy June asks is that the historic character of the downtown square be preserved. The trees are a part of that.

It's hard to believe the city can't find it in its budget to take care of the trees; also that the business owners can't get out there with a power washer in the mornings and get rid of the droppings as J. Jordan's was doing a few days ago.

I hope the city council will give some serious thought to their solution of disposing of the trees, at least postpone their removal for another 10 years while Nancy June and I are still on this planet and with luck still living on the square.

Maybe during that time more visionary folk will come along with a long-term viable solution to the tree challenge.

(Also, does it matter to anyone on the square that trees absorb pollutants from the cars' exhaust and create oxygen? Also, that birds eat their weight in bugs, including flies and mosquitoes each day?)

Janet Cavna


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