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Too old to trick or treat?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

(T-G Graphic by John I. Carney)
With Halloween a week away, the consensus of participants in a non-scientific poll of Times-Gazette website users seems to be that about 12 or 13 is the proper age for a child to stop going trick-or-treating, although some commenters say you're never too old to dress up in costume and ask the neighbors for candy.

The question was "What age is too old for a child to go trick-or-treating?" Age 13 was the leading response, with 32.3 percent of recipients, while age 12 was followed behind, with 24.4 percent. Together, those two answers accounted for more than half of all responses.

Other picks

The options in our poll ranged from 8 to 15, with an "other" option as well.

"15 is too old," wrote one participant. "They should be handing out candy at the door."

Among those who voted for "other," two suggested age 16, one age 18 and one age 19.

But some who left comments said that any child -- or, in some cases anyone -- should be allowed.

"I dont think it matters as long as they're having fun and staying out of trouble," wrote one respondent.

Children at heart

"You are never too old," wrote another.

"As long as the child is in costume and under the control of their parents, I believe they could go until they are 18 years old," wrote still another.

"It doesn't matter to me how old they are," wrote another, "as long as they say 'trick-or-treat' and 'thank you.'"

"If you're handing out candy because of the goodness of your heart," wrote one, "who cares how old they are?"

Voluntary website polls, while an interesting basis for discussion, aren't considered scientifically reliable because there's no way to guarantee that the people who choose to participate represent a true cross-section of the target population.

What age is too old for a child to go trick-or-treating?
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