Big Surprise...and a big win

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Dr. Jennifer Feldhaus dropped by the Times-Gazette Tuesday to congratulate the winners of this year's Big Event contest. From left: Lee York (2nd place), Feldhaus, Patsy Lane (1st), and Jeanette Hudson (3rd). (T-G Photo by Jim Davis)

It was a Big Surprise for the all three Times-Gazette Big Event contest winners who learned of their cash earnings Tuesday morning.

"Are you kidding me?" said an enthusiastic Patsy Lane, who won $500 in cash after her name was drawn first among the hundreds of eligible entries. "Oh my goodness! I'm excited! I've been doing these contests for a long time but I've never won."

Finding the logos

Contestants had to count hidden logos in a special section published last month. Those who submitted the correct number on their entry form (the T-G accepted both 20 and 21 as correct answers) were then eligible for the drawing.

Nearly 850 entered this year, which is the seventh year of the Big Event.

"I found 19 and kept trying and trying," Lane said. "I knew there had to be more than 19 so I kept trying and found two more."

Second and third

The contest was sponsored by the Madison Street Family Clinic, Dr. Jennifer Feldhaus. Though Lane earned the top prize of $500, second and third place winners came out pretty lucky as well.

Grandparents Kathy and Lee York worked together to play the Big Event and Kathy could not have been happier to hear the news they'd be receiving $300 for their efforts.

"Oh my God, you're kidding me!" Kathy said when she received the call. "Lord have mercy. Bless your heart, you've made our day! We have nine grandchildren, and we love them all, and this will help us so much...We play these all the time but we've never been lucky."

Team effort

Kathy said she and her husband worked together to count the hidden logos within the special section, which was printed in a T-G advertising supplement last month.

"We'd look at it over and over," she said. "We looked it over about five times apiece."

Lee said he wasn't sure how they'd spend their money, but he said he could think of plenty of ways, and that it would be put to good use.

Lucky lady

Luck seems to be in the cards for third place winner Jeanette Hudson, who was pleased to hear the news but not quite as surprised as the other two ladies.

"Well, great, thank you!" she said, laughing a bit. When asked by the T-G if she'd played games in the past she replied yes, and said she'd actually won a Times-Gazette contest years ago.

Yes, as Hudson proves, it's possible to win anything more than once.