Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, Jan. 12

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dear Editor,

Just to let you know,

My name is David L. Claxton. I've lived in Shelbyville all of my life. Some may know me, others may not. On March 10, 2013 I was arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder toward my friend of 25 plus years. I was also charged with solicitation to commit first degree murder toward my wife of 42 years. I pled not guilty and was held on a one million dollar bond.

The brother of a friend from 30 years ago had popped into my life a couple of years ago. I didn't really know him, but I knew his brother. Over time he came to my home and talked about different things. I knew he had been arrested for selling his and others' prescription pain pills. I didn't know he was wearing a wire and recording conversations of things that he had come up with, things that would implicate me and get him off on his charges. I was not on tape asking him to kill anyone. I have never asked anyone to kill anyone else, period.

It's easier for a confidential informant to lie under oath than for an innocent person to prove their innocence. After ten months in the legal system and being incarcerated in the Bedford County jail, the state offered to reduce the charge of attempted first degree murder to the lesser charge of solicitation to commit first degree murder. This amounted to two charges of solicitation, ten years on each count, to run consecutively at thirty percent. My options were to accept the twenty years at thirty percent or to go to trial. If convicted at trial on attempted first degree murder I could have gotten fifteen to sixty-five years at eighty-five percent.

At sixty years of age I don't have that many years left. On the advice of my very competent attorney, Mr. Robert Marlow, I took the state's offer. In order to get that deal I was forced to plead guilty. That was my quickest way out. That's why I pled guilty.

I want to thank my lawyer, Mr. Robert Marlow, and Lee Nettles of ICT Investigations Inc. for all of their time and hard work. Much love to all of my wonderful family and friends who believe in me, most of all to my wife and best friend of forty-two years.

Doing "twenty at thirty",

David L. Claxton