Cut your bills and more with coupons

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Ann Haney (Submitted photo)

Want to save money? These days, who doesn't?

This Saturday, starting at 10 a.m., the Times-Gazette and couponing expert Ann Haney will hold a two-hour workshop at the T-G offices, 323 East Depot St., where you can learn more about dramatically reducing your grocery bills.

The best part is that the entire event is free.

Ann will clue you in on a new approach to shopping, teaching you where to find your coupons (inside the Sunday T-G, for example), exploring what kinds there are and how to redeem them correctly.

Organizing your coupons will be another topic, along with learning how the store sales cycles work, and understanding how to shop at both your grocery and drugstore.

Shopping strategies will also be discussed, along with a chat about coupon ethics and etiquette.


Haney is a specialist in saving money and self-starting your own business, being a home school mother for the past 18 years to her six children, five who are now entrepreneurs.

She began her first business in 2001 -- Aaron Publishing -- and her first book, "The Homeschool Daily Planner For Curriculum," became a five-year running best seller.

Ann is the CEO of Living In Abundance and founder of Ann Haney Ministries, and in 2012, her book "Exploding Into Successful Entrepreneurship," told her story and taught people the steps of how to discover their talents and teaming it up for a successful career.

Combined with her financial empowerment teachings and her workbooks, the program has become a great success.

Find your talent

Ann has made a series of media appearances, speaking all over the South, with newspaper columns that have appeared in Tennessee publications including the T-G.

With more than 18 published products and well over 300 presentations to thousands of people, she can help you start to saving money and become a self-made entrepreneur.

She travels extensively to help people discover their hidden talents and apply them to change their lives from victims of circumstances to overcoming achievers of success.

To learn more about Ann Haney, visit her website at