Trivia contest was a challenge

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Ray Cook was the winner of the Times-Gazette's Super Sunday Trivia Contest, selected at random from among players who answered all six trivia questions correctly. He received a $200 gift certificate from Athlon Sports, from which he plans to buy a football signed by Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell. (T-G Photo by John I. Carney)

Ray Cook of Haskins Chapel Road was the grand prize winner in the Times-Gazette's Super Sunday Trivia Contest, earning him a $200 gift certificate for memorabilia from Athlon Sports.

Mary Lynn Cooper of Thompson Road was the second prize winner, which earns her a $40 gift certificate good at Toot's South in Murfreesboro, while Shannon Moss of Shelbyville was third; she won pizzas and side items from Domino's Pizza in Shelbyville.

The winners were drawn from among both online and paper entries who answered six football-related trivia questions correctly.

Cool prize

Cook, who is retired from SunDrop, already has his eyes on a football at the Athlon site signed by acclaimed Houston Oilers running back Earl Campbell. The Oilers, of course, were the team that later became the Tennessee Titans.

Cook said he only had to look up one of the six questions on the Internet.

Other contestants had their own sources.

"I talked to one of my sons," said Cooper, who is retired from operating a store in Bell Buckle and then working for another store. "I knew some of the answers, but not all of them."

"I did learn things," said Moss, "but of course I've got the Internet." Moss works for Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp. in Decherd.

Correct answers

Here, for the record, are the correct answers.

* How many touchdowns has Peyton Manning thrown in the 2013 season, prior to the Super Bowl? 55.

* What MLB team drafted Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in the 2010 MLB draft? Colorado Rockies.

* Russell Wilson finished his college football career at Wisconsin. What school did he spend three years at? N.C. State.

* Where will Super Bowl XLIX be held? Glendale, Ariz.

* What season did Peyton Manning last appear in a Super Bowl? 2009.

The question asked for the NFL season. The Super Bowl for the 2009 NFL season was held in February of 2010. This was the question that caused the most problems for our participants; while nine out of 10 got the other questions right, only about half of the entrants got this one right.

* Who won last year's Super Bowl? Baltimore Ravens.

Ad poll

The ad in which a puppy and a Clydesdale become fast friends was the overwhelming favorite of participants in the Times-Gazette's annual poll of favorite Super Bowl ads. (Anheuser-Busch photo)

Meanwhile, participation in our annual poll of the best Super Bowl ads was relatively low, perhaps reflecting the opinion expressed by some observers that this year's crop of ads was lackluster overall.

The clear winner in the poll, receiving more than half of all votes, was Budweiser, with its heartwarming tale of friendship between a puppy and one of the beer's Clydesdale mascots.

Coming in a distant second was Doritos tortilla chips, with its farcical tale of a man who steps into a child's cardboard time machine. That commercial was created for a few hundred dollars by an Arizona man as part of a viewer-submitted ad contest run by Doritos.

Our non-scientific poll was prepared in advance of the game, using a list of Super Bowl advertisers from an advertising trade magazine and a movie web site. We missed having entries for the MetLife commercial featuring the "Peanuts" characters, as well as the Radio Shack ad featuring cultural icons of the 1980s, both of which were mentioned by voters who chose the "other" option.

Favorite Super Bowl ad:

(Only ads receiving votes are listed here)

Budweiser: 53.6% (52 votes)

Doritos: 11.3% (11 votes)

Bud Light: 8.2% (8 votes)

Coca-Cola: 3.1% (3 votes)

M&Ms: 3.1% (3 votes)

Oikos yogurt: 3.1% (3 votes)

Volkswagen: 3.1% (3 votes)

Wonderful Pistachios: 2.1% (2 votes)

Movie "The Amazing Spider-Man": 1.0% (1 vote)

Audi: 1.0% (1 vote)

Movie "Captain America: The Winter Soldier": 1.0% (1 vote)

Cheerios: 1.0% (1 vote)

Chevrolet: 1.0% (1 vote)

Chobani: 1.0% (1 vote)

Movie "Draft Day": 1.0% (1 vote)

Kia: 1.0% (1 vote)

Toyota: 1.0% (1 vote)

Other (leave in comments): 3.1% (3 votes)

97 votes cast