VOTE FOR......Hey, just wait a little while!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Local election season is just a few months away, and those signs for the candidate of your choice are already popping up around the county.

But the guidelines on Shelbyville's books say that the political placards are not suppose to go up until next month.

According to municipal codes official David Langford, signs for the upcoming May 6 election shall not be posted before March 7.

That's the 60-day mark laid out in the city code to help to achieve a fair race for all involved, Landford stated.

The signs that go up temporarily for those 60 days, will also have to come down no more than two days after the election, or any runoff election, the code states.

More rules

Other rules are:

* No permit shall be required on signs with a face area of less than eight square feet, and in no case shall the total sign area exceed 16 square feet.

* Each person that erects or maintains a temporary political sign will also have the responsibility of removing it with the two days after the election.

* No political signs shall be placed upon any public right-of-way, public park, public building, public grounds or any public place.

* Also, no signs are to be attached to trees, fence post, utility pole or traffic control or directional signs.

* It is also unlawful to place a political sign on the property of another without first securing permission of the owner.