Fraud Watch: 'Loan company' takes $680 in scam

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

An alleged online loan company scammed a Shelbyville man out of $680, police were told Friday.

The man attempted to obtain a $2,400 loan from a website claiming to be Easy Finance Co. He was asked to give information on his bank account, including his Social Security number, "to make sure he could lake the payments" and must have a minimum balance of $180.

He followed orders to send a $180 Money Pak card and was ordered to send a second card for $300 for "loan fees." Another call requested $200 more for "loan insurance," which was sent, followed by a caller claiming they couldn't get the money from the card.

The victim contacted the drug store where the third card was purchased and was told the money had been taken.

Several online forums indicate similar problems from "Easy Finance Co."

Narrow miss

A man was almost defrauded of $300 by a caller claiming to be from "the power company," Shelbyville police were told Friday.

The intended victim, who speaks Spanish, said the Spanish-speaking caller told him he owed $300 and must pay that day with a Green Dot loadable credit card.

"After he did as asked, he was supposed to call back and give (the caller) the number on the card. He did exactly that," officer Jerry Lawrence said in his report.

But he received a call claiming the transaction didn't go through and he owed $300 more. The victim called police at that point.

The caller's phone number is 901-877-5620, Lawrence's report said. Media reports indicate a caller from that number, claiming to be from the Environmental Protection Agency, has contacted rural electric customers in Mississippi demanding personal information be given or their power will be disconnected.

A report in the Chickasaw Journal of Houston, Miss., said that caller also demanded $300 and promised a "fire warning indicator" would be provided in exchange.