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Rita Allen is director of Shelbyville-Bedford County Library.

Happy Mother's Day from the library

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! And here's a special "thank you" to all the moms who have brought their children and grandchildren to libraries to give them the gift of reading. Thanks, too, to the moms who read to their children, the moms who keep track of what their children check out, and the moms who have their children read to them.

My mother always told me that if you have books you are never really alone. I think she was right and today it is easy to stretch her philosophy to include e-readers and audiobooks, too. I remember my own childhood on a Montana farm. The state library offered an extension service where your mom could write and ask for books to be sent straight to your house. In the summers, I would go nuts waiting for the mail every day until that box of books arrived.

Then I would head to the hayloft armed with my plunder. Poor Mom! I think she was both pleased and horrified that I devoured the shipments so quickly. But she calmly packed up the completed volumes and we would head for the post office to return them and mail yet another letter requesting "more books this time, please."

We want to thank all of you out there who helped make our semiannual book sale a big success. Well over $2000 was raised, and many lonely books found new and loving homes. As we dismantle the sale, I would like to draw your attention to something new at the Argie Cooper Library.

We now have a coupon exchange center in the front lobby where you are welcome to drop off unused coupons and search through the baskets for coupons you can use. This center will be maintained by volunteers. If you are interested in helping with this project or with other tasks at the library, please ask for a volunteer application at the main desk.

Just a little teaser to keep you reading...watch for some very big news from your library very soon!

-- Rita Allen is the director of the Argie Cooper Library.

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