Doggart enters race for U.S. representative

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Robert Rankin Doggart (Submitted photo)

Robert Rankin Doggart of Signal Mountain has announced his candidacy for the 4th District U.S. House of Representative seat in the Nov. 4 general election as an independent.

Doggart, 62, has more than 40 years in the electric generation business, working as an engineer, manager, superintendent and other titles, including 17 years at TVA.

He is an ordained minister in the Christian National Church (Congregational). He is a past president, chairman, and director at large of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. He is a 17-plus gallon blood donor with Blood Assurance and has received two presidential awards for lifetime public service.

He is a native of Saint Petersburg, Fla., earning associate and bachelor's degrees from Edison State College, a master's and a doctorate from LaSalle University. He is divorced and has four children and 10 grandchildren.

Doggart said his platform calls for the integrity of the Constitution, the protection of the people, land and form of government by the military; fair distribution of appropriations; reversal or revision of the Roe vs. Wade court decision allowing abortion on demand; limiting immigration or amnesty to reasonable numbers supportable by the economy; and full disclosure related to the Benghazi incident.


"The citizens of this great Nation have become weary of the Congress and its bickering and immature behavior," said Doggart. "Having been to all 50 states, many of them numerous times, I have a notion of what the people are looking for, which is a restoration of better days. They also want their Representatives to be more vocal and to act on the controversies of the day; local, regional, and national. We need a Constitutional President, Legislature, and Judiciary, which we do not have presently. I shall serve no more than two terms (four years total).

"The 4th District of Tennessee has 16 Counties that are spread out over a good distance and the physical presence of the incumbent has not been distinguished. A congressman must spend time in his/her District in order to keep in touch with his/her primary master: the people of the District. On this point, there is no negotiation. As the single Independent challenging the Democratic and Republic candidates, I have a unique problem with campaign finance, which the Supreme Court just ruled on, making it more liberal in the legality of how much may be donated. I do not think elections should be won with money, with television commercials and thousands of road signs, or criticizing the other Candidates. It should be won on merit.

"My lifetime experiences around the world have prepared me for this Seat in the Congress, and I would apply that knowledge combined with common sense to vote in the best way for the most people. There will be no 'political correctness' coming from me, and I do not seek endorsements, nor will I accept any if offered. I shall be outspoken and opinionated when it comes to the interests of my people, whether it is the 4th District only, the entire State, or the Nation at large. I shall not go quietly into the night, or give up without a fight for the People of our great Nation. So help me God."