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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Public not told of flood plain moves

Dear Editor,

Recently, I found an informative letter from the FEMA Distribution Center in my mailbox sent from Buckeystown, Maryland. Upon reading the contents, I wondered how many property owners in the entire country would receive this letter?

The fourth paragraph of the letter seemed to be more of a sales pitch insisting any homeowner to purchase a "flood insurance policy."

Months ago, I stumbled upon the fact FEMA had moved all the 100-year flood plain lines on the maps. This was done secretly without property owners being informed. The reason for this was due to payouts on all these terrible catastrophes the U.S. has suffered.

In fact I obtained a print-out of nearly two acres I had purchased some years ago and the new flood plain map shows almost half the tract now in the 100-year flood plain.

Upon researching this sneaky little tactic, I was further informed that in most cases FEMA had no survey work on the ground for these new flood maps. Furthermore, I wanted a survey for the second time to establish where these new lines were in conjunction to the location of my residence.

The first flood plain survey was taken from a benchmark near my estate, before the cabin was built of course. This survey was performed 21 years ago.

I had been advised previously the "base flood elevation" had to be obtained in order to proceed. Deeply concerned, I obtained from a source four FEMA office numbers. After much effort I reached a FEMA representative and asked for the "base flood elevation," but was told there was "none for section A of Bedford County."

I later learned the city of Shelbyville buys into FEMA, but the county does not and FEMA will not release that elevation info, even to a licensed surveyor.

Property that is unjustly put into a flood plain, in my opinion, has been devaluated. Also, property done this way is without merit without work on the ground by surveyors. Anyone who receives a letter such as this should investigate thoroughly.

One disturbing point I was told was, "FEMA gets a portion of all flood plain insurance written nowadays."

Many areas across the country has suffered flood plain changes from the old flood maps, but many areas have not changed.

The Normandy Dam Project, to this day, has done what it was intended to do; the flood control of the Duck River.

I personally don't agree with the river's water quality due to the native mussels' destruction, not to mention the loss of much more water life and ever-growing problems of erosion of bank structure.

With all the problems of everyday life, no one should be a target for the kind of practice that FEMA has executed against property owners in the year 2011.

J. Augustus Woodward


Drivers, not road, cause of wrecks on Shelbyville bypass

Dear editor,

Saturday the 14th, on the Fairfield Pike and Bypass intersection, I saw a person in a gray Dodge Ram with a large silver Alabama A in the back window pull out in front of a car coming down the bypass.

Wide open view and people still do not pay attention. The car behind the Dodge was a blue Nissan Sentra with a family in it. They were probably looking at that guy thinking "what an idiot" and pulled out in front of me. Two accidents barely averted.

The intersection is not the problem. Stupid people are. No different than any other intersection that has cross traffic that doesn't stop. You can see well in advance both ways.

I understand the need for a light because of the school traffic. That would be better than a stop sign. But people just do not pay attention. It clearly doesn't say a four way stop and the road markings are not set up that way. If you guys set up a camera, you could get some good footage of narrowly missed accidents and catch accidents. Whatever is taking the city so long to do something, lives are being lost and hurt.

A scary intersection that has a few wrecks but more understandable is at Thompson Creek Road and New Tullahoma Highway. When one way is clear, there is always a car coming around the blind curve.

Chris Lamb


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