Letter to the Editor

Insurance for our tax dollars

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dear Editor,

I, being a Bedford County taxpayer, have pondered for some time over elected city and officials making reckless and costly decisions with our tax dollars.

It seems these elected "professionals" have free run with taxpayers' money, and are never held liable for all this wrongdoing. If we are compelled by law to pay taxes, our tax dollars should be protected by libelous decisions such as those both past and future.

Why not trash the charter method in favor of metro government, which in my opinion, has long been needed.

Anyone getting elected to public office should be personally bonded. In other words, if a group of officials openly make ragged decisions that cost mega-bucks of taxpayers' money, then they, in simple, would become financially responsible in paying lawsuits themselves. Keep in mind, the taxpayer actually has no guarantee of protection against these "decisionaires." It's our money and we definitely deserve better than what we are doled out!

We run the risk of doing without services that we pay for and have absolutely no recourse! We deserve better!!

If a citizen become indebted for an auto or home, they are required to carry liability/mortgage insurance by loan institutions. Shouldn't we be entitled for our tax money to be treated the same? Everyone who buys a new auto is forced to carry liability insurance. Protection for our tax dollars is certainly needed in our society. If some method was implemented to protect us, we most likely would get much better quality people to govern, for a change.

Along with monetary protection, there should be absolutely no interference from outside sources or "wanters groups" thinking they are privileged to do so at taxpayers' expense!

J. Augustus Woodward