UPDATE: Man loses life in 3-vehicle wreck

Thursday, April 23, 2015
Police inspect the truck in which Jan Crowell was killed this morning in an accident on Madison Street at Celebration Drive. (T-G Photo by David Melson)

A Shelbyville man was killed in a three-vehicle collision at the Madison Street-Celebration Drive intersection this morning.

Jan Crowell, 66, of Uselton Road was dead at the scene of the crash, police said. He was trapped in the truck he was driving after it was involved in a collision with two other trucks about 7:15 a.m.

Crowell was northbound on East Lane Street crossing Madison Street onto Celebration Drive on a green light, Lt. Trey Clanton of the Shelbyville Police Department said.

The blue truck, driven by Megan Mullins of Shelbyville, struck the truck partially hidden by the white truck at rear, causing it to overturn. Its driver, Jan Crowell, was killed. (T-G Photo by David Melson)

Crowell's truck was struck by a truck driven by Megan Mullins, 21, of Shelbyville, who police said mistakenly thought she had a green light on Madison Street.

The Crowell truck was knocked into a Duck River Electric Membership Corp. driven by Gregory C. McGee, 48, of Shelbyville, who was not injured.