Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Look for ways to cut costs

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dear Editor,

I'm writing due to my lack of understanding regarding a couple of unrelated, random topics. First, I do not understand how the bond of a person who is arrested is determined. For instance, I have seen people with a seemingly less severe offense have a way higher bond than someone with a more serious offense. At times, a much more serious offense, or so it seems to me.

Also, the city's financial situation scares me. I'm sure that I am not the only one. With the knowledge that the flume was old, would it not have made sense to be putting aside money for when it did need replacing a long time ago? Or maybe I speak in ignorance and funds were set aside for that.

I have seen talk of a new jail. How is that going to happen when we have a broken flume we cannot afford to replace? (Editor's note: A new jail would be funded solely by Bedford County government. Flume repairs are the responsibility of the city of Shelbyville only.) Would doing some renovations to the old jail be an option? Or use of some of the city or county's buildings that are no longer in use? Again, I'm simply speculating here.

When I as a taxpayer think about the likely waste that happens with our tax money, I become more than annoyed. I saw the article in the paper the other night regarding our debt. While I'm all in favor of making the trash guys' jobs easier, did we REALLY need those new cans? Were they a necessity?

What about the police cars? I do believe those are an expensive breed, but I may be wrong. Could the county have chosen something less costly? What are the salaries of those in higher city government positions like? Could they afford a cut? (I advocate this even to the federal level).

It seems we as taxpayers have little to no say as to what is done with the very taxes we pay. We have certainly gotten in way over our heads. Who is it that will absorb the brunt of unnecessary spending and debt? You. Me. The average person already struggling to make ends meet. The factory worker who is already barely feeding his family at $10 per hour.

By the way. I went to pay my utility bill the other day. Did you know there is a $3.95 "convenience fee" to pay your bill with one of the power companies via their phone system?? Pay a fee to pay your bill. As if they don't get enough money. And their late fees? I won't even go there.

Tammy J. Cantrell