Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor for Nov. 22, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brick pavers should be retained

Dear Editor:

Having lived in and near Annapolis, Maryland for many years, I am very familiar with brick pavers.

Streets, as well as sidewalks, in the city are composed of brick pavers. The crosswalks over the non-brick paved streets are brick; the ramps (which meet ADA requirements) are brick pavers.

Millions of tourists as well as numerous residents have walked the streets of Annapolis (the first Capitol of the United States) for many years. Ancient trees line these sidewalks with no damage to the foundations of the many historic homes and offices in the historic downtown area.

Removing the brick pavers from our historic square serves no practical purpose. "Bumps" in the pavers from settlement or roots are an inexpensive repair in comparison to concrete replacements.

The grant requires a $200,000 contribution from the city. Such a sum of our tax money would be more wisely spent on improvements needed on the square with much less disruption to the businesses and courthouse activities that would be sorely affected by a lengthy construction project.

I would urge that our citizens and the city council look at the facts and not be enticed by a huge grant (which is also taxpayer money) that would do more damage and provide less benefits to our square.

Donna S. Sepull

Bell Buckle