Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, Jan. 21

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A deleterious of morons

Dear Editor,

Recently, I idly pondered over names describing a "group of animals, birds and people." Over a century of naming these groups by others before me, I've never forgotten most of them so decided to see how many I could recall, thus here they be: a murder of crows, a gaggle of geese, a wake of buzzards, on land a flock of ducks but on water a paddling of ducks, a leash of foxes, an army of frogs, a cauldron of bats, a sleuth of bears, a troop of apes, a colony of beavers, a swarm of butterflies, an intrusion of roaches, a concoction of eagles, a cloud of grasshoppers, a rafter of turkeys, a confusion of guinea fowl, a company of moles, a grin of opossums, a gaze of raccoons, a kindle of kittens, a scurry of squirrels and lastly, fat men that arrive in groups are called a "bloat."

Finishing my list, I quietly sat there recalling all those scowl-faced politicians and the Prez's amusing speech earlier. It brought to mind all those useless unwinnable wars and other senseless decisions that produced the shape this country is in today and we are expected to live with it.

With these thoughts in mind, I concluded I needed one more group description, an "original" to round out my list, so ... here it be. "A group of politicians and lobbyists are called a deleterious of morons."

J. Augustus Woodward


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