Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Feb. 7, 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vote no on wheel tax

To the editor:

Actually, this letter is to the residents of Bedford County. The county is below poverty level (percentage wise) already. Every day you see people in the T-G getting a ticket for expired license, no license, revoked license, suspended license or no car insurance.

Now if our county forefathers have it their way with this wheel tax, there will be drivers getting tickets for expired car tags. The residents of Bedford County don't have the extra money for a wheel tax. The county will have to raise property taxes anyway -- with or without the wheel tax.

There are school bonds that are maturing this year and next year, about $700,000 this year and about $600,000 next year as told to me by County Finance Director Robert Daniel and County Mayor Eugene Ray. Now why isn't this money being mentioned to the county residents? None of it will be enough to build much of anything!

Now I'm wondering why there are no new businesses relocating in Bedford County. I'm saying big business that will utilize the business park out by the hospital. The only thing I see going for Bedford County is Highway 231 North which leads to Interstate 24. Senior citizens and people on fixed incomes are going to be worse off with a wheel tax.

I'm asking the residents of Bedford County to vote no on the wheel tax.

I want everyone to vote on March 1, 2016. Vote with thought and let's find a way to attract new businesses that will increase the county's tax revenue.

William R. Haase, Unionville

Wheel tax is unfair

To the editor:

It's upon us again! You know what it is! It's that never-dying vehicular usage tax or as most call it the "wheel tax." It's construed, this is a fair way of taxing those that pay no tax at all, which is actually a politician's ploy of getting you, the taxpayer, to cut your own throat!

The real truth is, when property tax is raised, all landlords automatically raise the rent, thus passing it on to the renters! By taking in this extra rent money, the landlord pays more property tax to the city and county.

These old ideas never die it seems, for when failed small towns fall victim to "wanters" and their buddies, the "politicians," we are expected to pick up the costly tab and pay up.

We taxpayers, both city and county, are the "big losers" even though we annually pay our property tax to be used wisely. It seems we're expected to finance their wants instead of our needs.

It's been said by the establishment, "Vote Yes" on the wheel tax and property tax won't be raised!

With the condition and state of liability this city and county is in, they will, at a later date, raise our property tax, and soon.

Frivolous lawsuits, useless property purchased on Whitthorne Street, so-called real estate for a dream of an industrial park that has no interstate or waterway for barge shipment, using taxpayers' money for the demolition of the two privately owned buildings on Depot Street, big pledges by the city and county for the new library, mega costs of millions for the flume project. (A thought: If the city servants had established an untouchable account 50 years ago, it could be replaced easily.) How many more new schools do we need? And what about the state of the art jail? Plus, other quagmires that seem to hold us citizens "prisoner and liable."

One last thought on the "wheel tax." Remember this, "They can raise that tax anytime they want at will with no recourse whatsoever for us taxpayers! If you vote that wheel tax into the system, it will never go away, and for Shelbyville it will only get costlier for us who bear the brunt of poor government!" Here's a very good rule: "Never vote for anything or anyone that will hurt you."

"Your wallet or purse will thank you for it."

J. Augustus Woodward, Shelbyville