T-G Big Game Trivia champs know football

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Denver Broncos may have won Sunday's Super Bowl, but knowing facts about them and the Carolina Panthers made four Times-Gazette readers winners as well.

They were able to answer questions about the teams in The Big Game Trivia contest.

Jonathan Prater

Jonathan Prater (T-G Photo by David Melson)

"The answers were easier this year because I knew most of them," said Jonathan Prater. He won two large two-topping pizzas each week for a year from Domino's Pizza.

"I've played for a few years. I was for Carolina...but you saw what happened."

Cheri Andrews

Cheri Andrews (T-G Photo by David Melson)

But Cheri Andrews won on her first try.

"I haven't played before -- I always play the gas game -- but my husband said, 'You keep up with football, you ought to play.' So I did."

Andrews, a former Cascade High basketball player (she was Cheri West then), won a $200 certificate for merchandise from Athlon Sports. And she has another reason to be happy.

"My team won! I'm a Peyton Manning fan and I knew this would probably be his last game," Andrews said. "That other guy's (Panthers quarterback Cam Newton) still got plenty of time."

Tonya Pendergrast

Tonya Pendergrast (T-G Photo by Jason Reynolds)

Tonya Pendergrast of Shelbyville said she had never won anything before, so her win was a big surprise.

She will use her $50 Toot's gift certificate for a family night out.

Mary Tim Cook

Mary Tim Cook (T-G Photo by Jason Reynolds)

Mary Tim Cook of Shelbyville won a package of three large pizzas with up to five toppings and two 2-liter drinks from Papa John's. She was surprised because this was her first contest win.

When asked if it would be nice to have dinner taken care of for one night, she said "Absolutely."Prater